Brusho is a versatile, unique, transparent and highly pigmented watercolour ink powder available in an extensive range of 30 colours. There is no other product like Brusho available. It's completely unique qualities make it unpredictable, fun and ideal for anyone wishing to create loose, impressionistic and vibrant artwork. Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colour can be used for watercolour painting and design work to ink and wash, fabric decoration, dyeing, stencilling and printing. The intense colour present in Brusho Crystal colour allows you to create visually stunning and expressive artwork quickly and easily. It is especially suited to beginning artists as it is very loose and expressive, making it easier and quicker to learn than traditional watercolour painting. When applied to a damp surface Brusho will explode into a burst of colour adding a unique effect to any art or design project. It can also be mixed with acrylic mediums to create even more different effects. Even after many years of use by artists, new possibilities are being found for this amazing product.

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BOOK46 BOOK46 *COLOURCRAFT BRUSHO BASICS BOOK - Isobel Hall. In this book, talented artist Isobel Hall demonstrates how to use Brusho Crystal Colour - an amazing, unique colouring medium for mixed media, painting and textile embellishment. Step by step instructions and beautiful illustrations guide you through a range of different techniques including using textured kozo papers and transferring patterns using rubbing plates. A 'must have' resource for anyone looking for inspiring, innovative ideas. 6 Login For Price
SP19620 SP19620 PAINTING WITH BRUSHO - JOANNE BOON THOMAS. Be enthralled by the effects of this vibrant watercolour medium and create your own Brusho pieces that bounce with colour. Brusho is a unique and exciting painting medium that is renowned for its versatility. Joanne Boon Thomas demonstrates how adding a spritz of water to highly pigmented watercolor ink powder results in a breathtaking and spontaneous fusion of color on the page. It is an easy method that allows you to produce vibrant, expressive paintings in a loose, bold style.A full range of techniques is included, such as: What can be achieved using only 1 colour; How effective blending primary colours can be; The hidden qualities of black Brusho; Short demos show the impact of using a bleach solution; How to use wax resist for effect; When to use a flat wash and how to use line and wash as a loose framework for your paintings. The four 10 step-by-step projects and numerous examples of the author s stunning work will inspire all infused throughout with Joanne s exuberance and en 21 Login For Price
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