Craft Books

Bursting with clear step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, these books will show you how to create exciting and original projects.

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BK978 BK978 *ART SPARKS PROJECT BOOK. This lively, colourful compendium of arts and crafts for a new generation features projects specially designed to spark creativity, invite self-expression, and nurture self-confidence. From finger puppets to fabric flags to shrink art, each activity uses inexpensive materials and can be crafted in less than 90 minutes. This rich collection of 53 inspiring art projects for kids aged 6 and up is curated by two art educators with decades of experience, and offers up a ton of freeform fun. 1 Login For Price
RIC778 RIC778 *BOOK - CRAFTY THEMES. This book contains a series of activities that are designed to consolidate familiar lower primary themes such as Me, My Body, Growing Up, Toys, My Community, My Environment, Weather, the Sea, Food, Creepy Crawlies, Things that move and Space. Each activity is supported by detailed teacher notes, clear instructions, a resource list and display ideas. All activities are easily constructed by students with minimal assistance from adults. Ages 5-8 1 Login For Price
SP19644 SP19644 MODERN RESIN JEWELLERY BOOK by Sara Naumann. Using a small number of tools and materials, learn how to make beautiful, unique resin jewellery that is both stylish and timeless. Be impressed by the ease and versatility of resin jewellery making. Sara Naumann provides over 50 projects that are modern and straightforward to replicate. She demonstrates how simple and quick resin jewellery is to make, using minimal equipment and readily available products. All relevant safety information is included, along with a troubleshooting section. Create a broad range of fresh, stylish projects to make your own bespoke wearables or fabulous gifts. 1 Login For Price
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