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This range contains comprehensive and informative guides that will help you improve a wide range of drawing techniques. Subjects covered include portraits, life drawing, perspective, light & shade, faces, human anatomy and more. 

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BOOTDS BOOTDS *BOOK-SOLUTIONS MANUAL FOR TECHNICAL DRAWING. This book written by A.W. Boundy and I.L. Hass for students of technical drawing has been designed to give sound educational training in the more important fundamentals of technical drawing without any specific bias towards one particular vocation. The book is divided into 12 sections and each section has been given thorough coverage, with a large number of exercises for each section. Practice gained from solving exercises will make students better drafters and broaden their knowledge and technical drawing understanding.The solutions manual to Technical Drawing 3rd edition is included as a separate text. 1 Login For Price
CL20255 CL20255 *BOOK - AN ILLUSTRATED JOURNEY - D. GREGORY. This book by Danny Gregory captures the world through the eyes of 40 talented artists, illustrators and designers. They want you to see the world through their own eyes, whether it be a Burmese temple, a Tuscan palazzo or the parking lot of the local Costco and then be inspired to set pen to paper and capture your own vistas. 0 Login For Price
SP12317 SP12317 UNDERSTANDING HUMAN FORM & STRUCTURE. A basic understanding of anatomy is required by any serious artist who wishes to depict the human body effectively. With an in-depth study of morphology, proportions, muscles, joints and bone structure Giovanni Civardi ultimately breaks down this complex drawing process into simple anatomical sections consisting of the head, torso, arms and legs. Combining his artistic and scientific expertise, he teaches the reader how to depict the human form in the most convincing way. Easy-to-follow guides and accompanying sketches for every technique. 0 Login For Price
SP12768 SP12768 THE PERSPECTIVE WORKBOOK SEE IT DRAW IT. Perspective is an essential skill for anyone who wants to draw or paint in any genre and in any medium. Matthew Brehm teaches you how to understand and apply this intuitive skill in this wonderful reference book, packed full of exercises and a unique image quiz to practice putting your observational skills to the test. There is also a 30-page workbook to hone your skills.This is a hands-on guide to learning to draw in perspective. 0 Login For Price
SP12799 SP12799 FIGURE DRAWING: A COMPLETE GUIDE. An extensive guide to figure-drawing, from full body sketches to close-up details, by a master artist.This is an essential guide for anyone particularly interested in figure drawing, and includes in-depth studies of human anatomy by master artist Giovanni Civardi. Civardi's technical advice and practical tips, accompanied by his own outstanding drawings, make this an invaluable resource for any portrait artist. 0 Login For Price
SP13420 SP13420 HOW TO DRAW - BABIES AND CHILDREN. Teaches how to draw babies, toddlers and young children in extremely easy step-by-step stages.This easy-to-follow book by Susie Hodge shows you how to draw babies, toddlers and children in easy step-by-step stages. Even absolute beginners will be able to create great drawings following these illustrations. 2 Login For Price
SP13918 SP13918 THE SKETCHING AND DRAWING BIBLE. An essential reference for the practising Artist. Marylin Scott presents her complete guide to drawing media, from pencils and charcoal to pastels and coloured inks. She provides over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing ways of tackling tricky subjects. You will learn how to achieve exciting and unusual effects by combining two or more drawing media and there are over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing ways of tackling tricky subjects. There are also tips from the author on how to professionally present your work and get it into the marketplace. 0 Login For Price
SP14274 SP14274 DRAWING HANDS & FEET. An essential guide to what is regarded as a challenging subject, this book will simplify and inspire artists to approach drawing hands and feet with precision and confidence. Eddie Armer presents a comprehensive course that will guide the artist through everything from which drawing materials to use, through to mastering proportion, perspective, light and shade. The result will be the accurate portrayal of hands and feet at rest, in motion and performing intricate tasks in a variety of different poses. This is an exhaustive, must-have book, from a true master of the medium. 0 Login For Price
SP14557 SP14557 DRAWING FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. Carole Massey, is an accomplished artist with many years experience of teaching and demonstrating. This book is a complete drawing course, designed to help you progress from simple techniques such as lines, circles, squares and ellipses through to capturing landscapes, figures and buildings. There are numerous simple step-by-step demonstrations as well as larger projects, and outline tracings are provided of the more complex drawings that you can transfer straight onto your paper, if you wish to use them. 1 Login For Price
SP14731 SP14731 HOW TO DRAW PEOPLE: SIMPLE STEPS. Over 130 step-by-step drawings capturing all the elements on the human form. From features like hands and faces, through to different ages and people on the go, this invaluable guide breaks down the drawing process into easy steps. Well-known artist Susie Hodge shows how easy it is to use simple shapes to create professional-looking drawings of people. This is a perfect book for budding artists wanting to learn how to draw the human form, and for the more experienced looking for a variety of subjects to inspire. 0 Login For Price
SP14779 SP14779 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COLOURED PENCIL TECHNIQUES. A new edition of a comprehensive guide to colouring pencil techniques, with step-by-step illustrated instructions and a useful extensive list of tools and materials. Step-by-step directions will guide the reader through a range of blending, mark-making and mixed media techniques to build on drawing abilities and introduce a range of new effects. This book includes a comprehensive guide to colour and composition, and all the tools, materials and equipment the reader will need to capture a range of subjects, from still-life studies to holiday sketching and portraiture. 0 Login For Price
SP15318 SP15318 DRAWING USING GRIDS: PORTRAITS WITH CHARACTER. The go-to drawing guide for quick, easy and expressive portraiture. From world-renowned artist Giovanni Civardi, this highly practical guide uses the traditional grid technique to make the process of creating a characterful portrait drawing both simple and accessible. Starting from a photograph, Civardi shows you how to create an accurate pencil sketch of the subject by overlaying a grid and transferring the image one square at a time. The drawing is then rendered in easy stages to create a finished portrait. Even the most complex of subjects can be broken down into easy steps using this method. 0 Login For Price
SP15325 SP15325 DRAWING USING GRIDS: PORTRAITS OF BABIES AND CHILDREN. From world-renowned artist Giovanni Civardi, this highly practical guide to drawing babies and children uses the traditional grid technique to make the drawing process both simple and accessible. Starting from a photograph, Civardi shows you how to create an accurate pencil sketch of the subject by overlaying a grid and transferring the image one square at a time. The drawing is then rendered in easy stages to create a finished portrait. Even the most complex of subjects can be broken down into easy steps using this method. 2 Login For Price
SP16834 SP16834 URBAN SKETCHING STEP BY STEP. Join the growing movement of reactionary artists and learn how to capture our fast-paced world in this inspiring book by popular artist and author, Klaus Meier-Pauken. With useful advice on the basic materials needed, Urban Sketching Step by Step then moves on to honing essential drawing techniques from tone and colour to perspective and composition.The huge collection of creative exercises will help you build your skills, see your surroundings with a new artistic eye and draw lively sketches of your city or town that reflect its character. 3 Login For Price
SP17251 SP17251 THE GRAPHIC NOVELISTS GUIDE TO DRAWING PERSPECTIVE. Graphic novelist Dan Cooney shows you how to draw credible perspective from any point of view for your own stories; from creating convincing backgrounds to capturing the right angle of the characters that inhabit your world. This isn't your regular instructional book on perspective; it's a journal with proper guidance and relevant exercises on drawing scenes for the context of storytelling: practical demonstrations, an interactive workbook with grids to fill in, and inspiring artwork to complete specially designed by Daniel, makes the development of your sketching skills and the drawing mechanics needed for your storytelling an enjoyable, progressive experience. 2 Login For Price
SP17534 SP17534 BEGINNERS GUIDE to LIFE DRAWING. Improve your drawing skills and learn how to observe the human form with this simple practical course. By applying a few basic rules, the shape of a body can be both accurately and artistically captured in as little as two minutes, using only a small selection of artist's materials. Every project includes fully-illustrated step by steps and helpful advice on the drawing method used. From line, tone and shade through to positioning, drawing hands, feet and faces, this is the ultimate guide to learning to draw the body. 0 Login For Price
SP18739 SP18739 AN ARTISTS SKETCHBOOK. Adebanji Alade is one of UKs most renowned artists and he is addicted to sketching. Inspired by the sights and sounds of London he travels around the city filling his sketchbooks with drawings of people places and scenes of contemporary urban life. Showcasing one of his inspirational sketchbooks in its entirety and with a fascinating introduction to the way he works. This unique visual record of everyday city life also offers a compelling insight into the creative process of a modern urban sketcher. 2 Login For Price
SP75091 SP75091 THE ART OF DRAWING: PORTRAITS Giovanni Civardi. A practical easy-to-follow guide, which shows how to observe and draw portraits of children and adults - and how to capture a likeness.The artist covers all the important techniques including anatomy, proportions of the face, creating realistic features, using tone, formal and informal portraits, and more. Step-by-step demonstrations accompany simple exercise and a gallery of original pictures. Over 100 clear drawings showing how best to interpret and capture a likeness. Includes step-by-step demonstrations and detailed advice on drawing facial features. 2 Login For Price
SP85086 SP85086 DRAWING: A COMPLETE GUIDE. This is an essential book for anyone learning to draw, or wishing to improve their drawing. Starting with the basics of drawing techniques, Giovanni Civardi gives expert advice on drawing portraits, the clothed figure, hands and feet and scenery, finishing with a section on the importance of light and shade. Civardi's technical advice and practical tips, accompanied by his own outstanding drawings, make this an invaluable resource for any artist. 4 Login For Price
SP86731 SP86731 HOW TO DRAW: FACES. This delightful introduction to drawing faces completely demystifies the drawing process. It shows how images can be built up easily, from initial geometric shapes right through to the finished faces. Susie Hodge includes a good selection of head-and-shoulder portraits in this book including couples, children, babies and older people in a variety of poses, and showing a range of expressions. She uses a helpful two-colour method that clearly shows every line and curve of the step-by-step pictures. An invaluable guide for anyone interested in this subject. 1 Login For Price
SP86908 SP86908 COMPLETE GUIDE TO LIFE DRAWING - Gottfried Bammes. This fantastic bookis the ultimate reference; a most inspirational guide and above all it offers everything you ever needed to know, including tips on simple ways to get it right , essential advice on anatomy, help with easy drawing methods and many different examples of the drawn figure. It is important to understand how the body works and detailed sections show hands, feet, faces, limbs and much more. 1 Login For Price
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