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Fabric Art is growing in popularity.  Learn Batik, Shibori, Felting, Free Form Embroidery and more. They include step-by-step instructions, and many contain photos to illustrate the processes.

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BOOCB BOOCB *CREATIVE BATIK Rosi Robinson. This book serves as a practical guide to the design of batik projects. It teaches the reader how to create a range of animals and landscapes as well as more abstract designs. Projects are accompanied by a total of 200 step-by-step colour photographs to ensure that nothing escapes the reader. 2 Login For Price
BOOSHIB BOOSHIB *SHIBORI DESIGNS AND TECHNIQUES. Shibori is the ancient Japanese craft of fabric folding, pleating and tie-dyeing. This book gives clear step by step instructions supported with photographs. It demonstrates how to use acid dyes and cold water dyes. Offering techniques on steam fixing, discarging on silk, space dying and more. Demonstrated techniques on binding, hand painting, capping, stitching, folding, clamping, pole winding and pole wrapping. 1 Login For Price
CCT402 CCT402 *PAINTSTIKS ON FABRIC-DESIGN MAGIC. Design Magic is easier than applique and faster than fusing. Paintstik artist Shelley Stokes shows how a simple 3-step method will take you from the initial design to fabulous fabric with stencils, brushes and Shiva Paintstiks. The book includes easy-to-follow instructions, step-by-step photo's and illustrations, instructions for projects and techniques and one set of Design Magic stencils. 7 Login For Price
CCT403 CCT403 *RUBBING PLATE ROUNDUP. This book provides 12 new techniques to help you get the most out of your rubbing plates. It is the ideal craft room companion for creating textured and visual artworks from fabric, paper, clay, metal and paint. Includes detailed instructions for 12 techniques and ideas for plenty more. 15 Login For Price
CL0177900 CL0177900 NELSON TEXTILES TECHNOLOGY YEARS 9 AND 10 By Christine Castle, Lynda Peters . A creative and innovative approach to textiles, written specifically for year 9 and 10 students in NSW. Written by two of the state?s leading Textiles teachers, Christine Castle and Lynda Peters, Textiles Technology provides syllabus content in a clear and interesting format with step-by-step instructions for all project work. There is no other Textiles textbook to match it for clarity and comprehensiveness! 3 Login For Price
CL0210713 CL0210713 NELSON TEXTILES AND DESIGN PRELIMINARY AND HSC By Lynda Peters, Christine Castle. Textiles and Design: Preliminary and HSC mimics the syllabus, covering the three major topics for both Preliminary and HSC. The book features integrated and end-of-chapter activities and an abundance of contemporary case studies. 3 Login For Price
CL0211581 CL0211581 TEXTILE & DESIGN TEACHERS RESOURCE by L Peters. Packed with BLM's closely following the student book, covering both Preliminary and HSC courses. There are icons for each BLM in the student book, prompting students to ask for them. The activities presented are varied and fun and answers are included in the back of the book. 3 Login For Price
CT10877 CT10877 *BOOK - FREE FORM EMBROIDERY / J Baker Montano. Transform traditional stitches into fibre art. The author shows how to create stunning landscapes and seascapes by applying fine art principles to fabrics, threads and fibres and teaches how to use these materials with other embellishments to convey anything from seaweed to shell and pine trees to pond lilies. Create lifelike trees, flowers, ocean corals and more with 60 stitches and 67 stitch combinations. Learn artistic embroidery techniques for building layers, creating dimension and perspective and blending shapes. 2 Login For Price
CT11175 CT11175 DIGITAL FIBRE ART. Compose, create, and print innovative art quilts starting fromy our own digital photographs,even those from your phone! Well-known fibre artist Wen Redmond starts with the tools and equipment you'll need. Teaches you to alter images,print them on a variety of fibres, and accentuate them with stitching. With a sense of adventure, even a beginner can apply these techniques to create new and innovative works of art. Transform your photographs into matchless works of art with mixed-media techniques and quilting. Explore inkjet printing on almost anything! Design with fabric, paper, and other substrates. 2 Login For Price
CT11178 CT11178 TEXTILE TRANSFER EMBELLISH STITCH By Jen Fox & Sarah Case. This book invites students to review the 12 elements and principles of design to incorporate in their project.Transferring images to fabric is easy with 4 unique image-transfer methods discussed: stencil, transfer paper, freezer paper, and fusible web. Students can express themselves through unique embellishment techniques like painting, embroidery, and reverse appliqu . Includes 16 modern project ideas for inspiration. 4 Login For Price
FABBOOK FABBOOK *TEACHER'S FABRIC SURFACE DECORATION BOOK 1 This popular Fabric Book by Jenn Peters is now available in photocopy form. The versionpf the Fabric Book is presented in an A4 display folder containing copies of 9 pieces of original fabric decoration styles together with instructions and techniques on how they were created. 3 Login For Price
FABBOOK2 FABBOOK2 TEACHER'S FABRIC SURFACE DECORATION BOOK 2. The 2nd volume of the popular Fabric Surface Decoration (copied) book is presented in an A4 display folder and contains coloured copies of 21 original fabric decoration plus instructions and techniques on how they were created. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP15516 SP15516 THE ART OF MOY MACKAY-AN INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE by Moy Mackay. Delve into the catalogue of Moy's beautiful, colourful sketches books and photographs and learn about her own design process and influences. With each page, Moy takes you through every step of her felted painting process, including the materials and tools you need, the process itself and how to put together four fabulous paintings of varying subjects. There is also guidance on stitching both by hand and machine as well as how to use colour and introduce texture in the form of different fibres and threads. From inspiration and design to the finished vibrant picture, this book explores the development from initial thoughts through to the essential embellishments that add life and character to beautiful felt paintings. 2 Login For Price
SP19903 SP19903 MODERN TYE DYE TECHNIQUES by Abi Patten. Learn 11 eco-friendly tie-dye techniques and create endless colourful, contemporary, sustainable clothes and accessories. With a few twists, elastic bands and a volume of dye, your once-loved T-shirts, denim jackets, hoodies, skirts and shorts turn into iconic, vibrant pieces that you'll love to wear, whatever the weather! Tie dye is something everyone can do, even beginners.In this book, master both basic and more advanced tie-dye styles project by project, using hand-made or fibre-reactive dyes. 2 Login For Price
SP31551 SP31551 THE DIY GUIDE TO TIE DYE STYLE BOOK by Liz Welker & Sam Spendlove. Take tie dye to the next level with this in-depth visual guide! Capture bursts of colour in intricate waves and patterns with expert tips from the women behind PrettyLifeGirls. Learn everything you need to know for all things tie dye, including the basics plus more advanced techniques such as reverse tie dye, ice dyeing, and much more! Projects include t-shirts, socks, pillows and more. 1 Login For Price
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