Oil Painting Books

Hone your oil painting skills using these comprehensive and informative series of books. Learn how to paint landscapes, seascapes, animals, portraits, sky, water and more. They include step-by-step instructions, and many contain photos to illustrate the processes

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SP12539 SP12539 VIBRANT OILS. A friendly, accessible and inspiring course in oil painting from a member of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters. The Artist, Haidee-Jo Summers artwork is filled with light and vibrancy. Her friendly, instructional style will demystify oil painting and show you how to use this traditional medium to create contemporary portraits, landscapes, still life and more, all suffused with the unique warmth and richness of oils. This book is ideal for painters at any level of experience, from complete beginners looking to start out with oils, to advanced painters wishing to pick up new ideas and techniques. It provides step-by-step instruction, projects and numerous examples of finished art. 1 Login For Price
SP13925 SP13925 OIL ARTISTS BIBLE. Oil paint is such a responsive and versatile medium that no two painters need use it in exactly the same way. This compact book explains all the materials, techniques and different approaches to painting with oils. Step-by-step sequences show how to paint a range of themes, from still life to portraits and landscapes, with advice on more difficult subjects. There are also suggestions for presenting your finished paintings and how to go about getting your work seen and exhibited. 2 Login For Price
SP15509 SP15509 BEGGINER'S GUIDE TO PAINTING WITH OIL PASTELS by Tim Fisher. Learn to paint with oil pastels in this colourful, accessible book for newcomers to the medium. Tim Fisher demonstrates how to use the oil pastels on their own, or in conjunction with acrylic inks and paints, and watercolours, on a variety of surfaces. The Beginner's Guide to Painting with Oil Pastels features six full step-by-step projects covering a variety of subjects including animal portraits, street scenes, boats and harbours, buildings and glorious landscapes. Tim introduces the reader to mark-making with oil pastels, explains the history of the medium, and how to protect and keep an oil pastel painting once it is complete. 2 Login For Price
SP15950 SP15950 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OIL TECHNIQUES- by J.Galton. Ideal for artists of all skill levels, this A-Z reference covers a multitude of topics concerning oil painting. The book is divided into two sections: the first provides step-by-step demonstrations that guide artists through a variety of techniques, from basic colour mixing through to creating special effects such as peinture a l'essence and sgraffito. The second part focuses on themes, illustrating how individual artists tackle a number of common subjects, including landscapes, buildings, portraits, still life, skies and water. 1 Login For Price
SP17961 SP17961 PAINTING PORTRAITS IN OILS by ROB WAREING. An inspiring, direct guide to painting beautiful portraits drawing on thr artists 40 years plus experience to provide a complete guide to painting portraits in oils. In Rob's view, the most effective way to capture character is by working from life rather than photographs, and to follow the 'alla prima' method to create a painting in one sitting. Rob guides the reader through the materials he uses, explains how to pose and light the sitter, and how to prepare the work area before starting to paint.This is followed by detailed coverage of design and composition, the importance of proportions and the painting process itself, from colour mixing through to finishing a painting without over-working. With clear, step-by-step demonstrations and numerous examples of the author's work throughout, this book provides both an expert guide to portrait painting and a unique insight into the working methods of one of the world's leading portrait painters. 2 Login For Price
SP18579 SP18579 WATER-MIXABLE OILS BOOK by Sarah Wimperis. Discover the merits of working with water-mixable oil paints in this accessible beginner's guide. This book will encourage and inspire beginners and provide them with all the skills and knowledge they need to produce successful oil paintings. It starts with an introduction to the medium, and explains what water-mixable oils are. This introduction is followed by several sections on materials, preparation, colour, mixing the paints and preparing your surfaces. Each project is accompanied by a clear list of materials needed as well as top tips and skills practiced. At the end of the book, the reader discovers how best to store and transport finished paintings, especially if the paint is still tacky to the touch, and how to frame a painting for impact. 1 Login For Price
SP18760 SP18760 PLEIN AIR PAINTING WITH OILS BOOK by Haidee-Jo Summers. A practical and inspirational guide to painting outdoors with oil paints. Artists who wish to explore the world of painting with oils en plein air will love the freshness and vibrancy of the work in this book as well as the expert, down-to-earth advice of its author. With dozens of Haidee-Jo's artworks to provide inspiration to the reader and clear, step-by-step demonstrations throughout, this book provides both an expert guide to the challenges, opportunities and fun of painting outdoors. 1 Login For Price
SP20798 SP20798 EASY OIL PAINTING BOOK by Estelle Day. Create nine lustrous and captivating little works of art with this unique introduction to oil painting. Acclaimed artist Estelle Day demonstrates all you need to know to embark on your oil painting journey from what paints and supplies you'll need to essential oil painting techniques. Beginners will build confidence by working on small-scale, still life painting projects designed for canvases measuring no more than 10cm. Also included are outlines for you to trace so you can get started right away! Easy Oil Painting is the perfect beginner s guide to working with oils and mastering this luminous and exciting medium. 1 Login For Price
SP86656 SP86656 OIL PAINTING - STEP BY STEP. This is a practical and comprehensive guide for all oil painting enthusiasts, from the beginner to the experienced artist. Starting with advice on materials, painting from photographs, colour and composition, it goes on to describe basic and more advanced techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, scumbling, dry brush, sgraffito, impasto and glazing and the wonderful effects they can produce. For those wanting to avoid the use of smelly additives like turpentine or white spirit, there is a section on water mixable oils. For readers who would like to see quick results, there is a section on instant oil painting, or painting in an intuitive, spontaneous way. Easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations show the reader how to paint landscapes, sea and sky, still life and flowers, and each section is accompanied by a selection of inspirational paintings by the four featured artists, in a rich variety of styles. 2 Login For Price
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