Papercrafting Books

Learn all about the different types of papercrafting with this series of books. They cover a range of diverse papercrafts including Papercutting, Origami, Paper Embroidery, Paper Folding ad Kirigami. 

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SP11860 SP11860 WASHI STYLE. 50 great projects using Japanese-style decorative tape. Colorful and cute washi tape is every crafter s new best friend. Easy to use and gorgeous to look at, these decorative paper tapes have taken the design world by storm. Whether you already love washi tape, or are new to the world of decorative tapes, this project-packed book is sure to inspire. Beautifully styled and photographed step-by-step projects teach you new techniques for creating and decorating with these popular tapes, with no fewer than fifty individual creations for you to make. Discover how to take full advantage of the unique properties of this new crafting tape, while creating beautiful greetings cards, cute gift toppers, stylish party accessories, photo frames, ornaments, toys, jewellery, and more! 0 Login For Price
SP12485 SP12485 JAPANESE PAPER EMBROIDERY. Embroidery on paper is a traditional and well-loved craft, here artfully translated into beautiful and understated Japanese designs by Atsumi, Minako Chiba and Mari Kamio. These three talented Japanese crafters have created a range of delightful paper projects that are modern, stylish and fun to make. Each project is accompanied by a full-size template and notes on how to embroider the design, and there are clear and detailed instructions on the materials and tools you require. Suitable for those new to paper embroidery as well as more experienced crafters. Provides templates for every project. 0 Login For Price
SP14267 SP14267 PAPER FOLDED FLOWERS-MOAD. Twenty-one floral-themed paper-folding projects for keen papercrafters. With step-by-step photographic guidance, Elizabeth Moad shows you how to make simple, yet effective, paper flower embellishments, from greeting card adornments to floral bunting and decorations that will brighten any home. Learn how to apply simple folding techniques such as kirigami and teabag folding to create beautiful blooms for any occasion. There are twenty-one projects in all, ranging from straightforward concertina-fold flowers to elaborate and elegant paper roses. 1 Login For Price
SP14748 SP14748 ENCYLOPEDIA OF ORIGAMI TECHNIQUES. The Encyclopaedia of Origami Techniques by Nick Robinson provides the reader with easy-to-follow instructions for creating their own paper sculptures. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists, all the basic folds and bases are included as well as over 30 projects, all explained through simple step-by-step diagrams. By the end of this book the reader will learn to master traditional forms, like the Printer's Hat and Masu Box, as well as modern masterpieces such as the Square Bear and Elias Figure Base. 1 Login For Price
SP14816 SP14816 ORIGAMI ARTISTS BIBLE. A colourful book providing step-by-step instructions on how to create origami art, for both beginner and experienced artists. Easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step instructions describe how to create beautiful models with a combination of fantastic traditional papers and stunning modern prints. The simple folding sequences inside can be used as the base for many different designs then combined to create over 50 specially chosen projects that will charm and entertain. Whether folding for fun and relaxation, to create useful vessels and boxes, or to amuse and fascinate children, this is an essential reference for the beginner and experienced folder alike. 0 Login For Price
SP89947 SP89947 KIRIGAMI: THE ART OF CUTTING AND FOLDING PAPER. This book is a collection of popular kirigami creations and features 40 paper card projects including templates, beautiful photography, helpful instructions and internet links and references for those interested in seeing more. While the art traditionally encompasses pentagram shapes, snowflakes, and orchid blossoms, Kiriagmi: pop-up cards and patterned cut-outs also includes greeting cards, Christmas decorations, invitations and a range of paper craft options that are possible with kirigami. Simple and easy to master designs. Practical use for creations: greeting cards, table decorations etc. 0 Login For Price
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