Pastel Drawing/Painting Books

Pastels are simply pigment and binder. These highly detailed books will help you get the most out of this most creative of mediums.

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SP13949 SP13949 PASTEL ARTISTS BIBLE - CLAIRE WAITE BROWN. Discover the unique joys of pastel painting with this easy-to-use guide to one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums. Claire Waite Brown provides all the key techniques such as mixing, blending, scumbling, sgraffito, hatching, and feathering in over 100 visual sequences. There is advice on composing your painting, using colour, adding highlights and shadows and creating textured effects. The step-by-step demonstrations range from landscapes and flowers to portraits and still life. You'll find plenty to inspire you with this captivating medium with beautiful examples in full-colour photography. 0 Login For Price
SP15943 SP15943 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PASTEL TECHNIQUES. A new, up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive encyclopedia by professional artist Judy Martin. In this exhaustive A-Z reference for artists of all skills, a variety of different pastel types are detailed, from oil through to water-soluble pastels, amongst the multitude of techniques broken down and easily explained. The book itself is divided into two sections: the first provides step-by-step demonstrations that guide artists through a variety of techniques, from basic colour mixing through to creating special effects such as sgraffito and sfumato. The second part focuses on themes, illustrating how individual artists tackle a number of subjects, including natural landscapes, urban scenes, figures, animals and still life 2 Login For Price
SP16216 SP16216 START TO PAINT WITH PASTELS. The new edition of Jenny Keals popular book Painting with Pastels is an inspiring and creative introduction to painting in this medium. Focusing on soft pastels this clear simple-to-understand book encourages you to explore the materials and methods needed to get started with pastels. There are then five stunning step-by-step projects for the reader to choose from, covering a range of subjects from flowers to landscapes and coastal scenes, and designed to build on the basic skills covered in the earlier sections of the book. Here you will learn about creating atmosphere, colour, tone, composition and perspective, and before you realise it you will have all the skills you need to create your own beautiful pastel paintings. 0 Login For Price
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