Photography/Digital Media Books

These books are extremely valuable for any photography-related course in Australia.

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BOOKPYI BOOKPYI KILLER PHOTOS WITH YOUR IPHONE. This book shows students how to take fantastic pictures using the camera built right into the IPhone. Learn how to take simple pictures using apps to snap and create innovative images. Information on the basics of shooting with an IPhone, including how to aim, compose and focus shots, as well as shooting within an app platform and, post processing is extensively covered. 1 Login For Price
BOOPDM BOOPDM PHOTOGRAPHIC & DIGITAL MEDIA. This book has been written for the new Photography and Digital Media syllabus but will be extremely useful for any photography related course in N.S.W and other states. The text uses language that makes it more accessible to junior secondary students plus extension components that are suitable for more senior students. The text compares the ideas and actions of the featured artists and encourages students to produce their own artworks. A flexible structure makes the text ideal for use by specialist or non-specialist teachers alike. 4 Login For Price
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