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These books are extremely valuable for any photography-related course in Australia.

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CL0198059 CL0198059 PHOTOGRAPHIC AND DIGITAL MEDIA: IDEAS AND ACTIONS By Chris Bates | Copyright Year: 2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170198059 | Published: 14/09/2007. This unique text embraces the new Photographic and Digital Media (PDM) syllabus in NSW for years 9-10, and is extremely valuable for any photography-related course in Australia. It compares the ideas and actions of more than twenty featured photographic artists from Australia and overseas, and encourages students to produce their own artworks. A flexible structure makes the text ideal for use by specialist and non-specialist teachers alike. STUDENTS: Year Level: 09, 10, 11 and 12. PRODUCT: Subject: The Arts | Subject: Visual Arts. FEATURES: Analysis tools from the syllabus are used to compare artists' approaches | Includes a DVD with student works | Accessible language for junior secondary students plus extension components that are suitable for more senior students | Research, practice and extension activities that stimulate active learning. 3 Login For Price
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