Pottery Books

Comprehensive and beautiful guides to all aspects of ceramics. Ideal for anyone working with ceramics, from absolute beginners, weekend crafters and students, through to practicing ceramicists.

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SP15165 SP15165 MAKE IT WITH AIR-DRY CLAY Fay De Winter. Make 20 beautiful, professional and easy-to-make projects with air dry clay, which works like traditional clay, but without the need to kiln-fire or oven bake. Each project comes with step-by-step photos and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. The book also includes instructions for all the core techniques, plus traceable templates 1 Login For Price
SP15592 SP15592 BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO POTTERY & CERAMICS BOOK by Jacqui Atkin. A practical guidebook for beginner potters, teaching all the skills you need to start creating beautiful ceramics. Step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will guide you through the core techniques, including pinching and coiling and throwing and trimming. Discover inspirational projects as your skills progress, from simple coiled vases with painted decoration to marbled clay boxes with transparent glazes. Learn how to decorate and fire your clay vessels with myriad textures, using methods such as inlays, slips, sgraffito, feathering, burnishing and resist. Following the impressive projects inside, you can put your new-found skills into practice and develop your creativity. 1 Login For Price
SP16469 SP16469 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POTTERY TECHNIQUES. Discover all the major pottery techniques used the world over, from time-honoured traditional methods to exciting new developments. These include coiling, combing, resist decoration, sgraffito, slabbing and texturing clay. There are a wealth of inspirational examples, ranging from bowls, vases and cups, to plaques, spheres and sculpture. In addition, advice on materials and equipment is provided to help you on your crafting journey, including kilns, glazes, moulds and more. Finally, a gallery of stunning images is featured throughout that will inspire both beginner and experienced potters. 2 Login For Price
SP17602 SP17602 PAINTING ON POTTERY BOOK by Tania Zaoui. Inspiration and ideas for painting beautiful ceramic pieces for the home. Transform your plain pottery into exciting, colourful and contemporary pieces for the home. With 22 colourful projects to make, there are decorative plates, bowls, cups and pots, vases, a lamp and even earrings and a necklace. With simple techniques to follow, all explained in clear and simple terms, you just need a few brushes, some ceramic paints and some plain pottery and away you go! If you love painted ceramics, patterns and making little gifts this book is for you! 1 Login For Price
SP18098 SP18098 FROM CLAY TO KILN by Stuart Carey. Covering all the information you need about tools and materials, the author takes you through preparation and hand building, throwing and finishing your vessel, to glazing and firing. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of how clay works and how to apply your skills to the wheel and beyond. With simple step-by-step tutorials, clear visuals, helpful hints and tips, you can jump straight in with confidence and create a piece of pottery that marries beauty, form and function. Including stunningly beautiful photography throughout, this is a book to inspire. 2 Login For Price
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