Rock Art Books

Rock is a great activity for everyone.  It doesn't require expensive materials or complicated techniques all you need is a rock, some paint or marker pens and your imagination. Great for beginner and more seasoned artists alike, and is the perfect family craft.

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SP11839 SP11839 ROCK ART. Denise Scicluna shows techniques for painting eccentric art on rocks! You can create Scottish terriers, goldfish, monsters, houses, hearts, happy faces, geometrics, abstracts, horses, bugs, beetles, plaids, daisies, apples, bananas, moons, ferns, fairies, mushrooms, stripes, stars, Autumn leaves, undersea creatures, feathers, cats, cacti, skyscrapers, sad faces, starships, alphabet letters, ladybirds, mandalas, hot-air balloons, birds, bees, butterflies, pumpkins, poodles, peapods, shoes, ships...the list goes on! Plenty of crafty tips, techniques and advice 3 Login For Price
SP15493 SP15493 MANDALA STONES DESIGNS TO PAINT. Discover the meditative power of the mandala. In this book there is a collection of 50 unique designs, including mesmerising geometric patterns, calming nature-inspired motifs and spiritual symbols. Each colourful mandala is created by painting dots onto a stone or pebble a simple yet soothingly effective process. With no specialist tools or skills required, you can immerse yourself in the process of creating these intricate designs. With clear and easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photography, you will soon be gently crafting your way to a calmer, more creative self. 2 Login For Price
SP15851 SP15851 *BOOK- CONCRETE CREATIONS by Ingrid Moras. Over 45 elegant concrete designs for your beautiful, modern home. Concrete is inexpensive, durable, and makes unique, stunning pieces with which to decorate your home. With just a bag of ready-mixed concrete, water and a few utensils and moulds you can find around the house, you can create beautiful, minimalist items in no time at all; from clocks, vases, lampshades and bowls through to jewellery, wine coolers and desk organisers. Each project is equipped with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and tips. 1 Login For Price
SP16629 SP16629 PEBBLE PETS by Denise Scicluna. Discover more than 50 adorable rock art ideas for animals in a variety of styles. Projects include woodland creatures such as foxes and squirrels, zoo favourites like pandas and tigers, birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, and a whole host of other animals for you to recreate. With clear step-by-step instructions accompanying each design, lots of variations, and bags of inspiration. 3 Login For Price
SP20026 SP20026 PAINTING STONES BOOK by Marion Kaiser. Accomplished artist Marion Kaiser brings you this fun, beautiful and quirky guide to creating cute stone art. Discover 20 fun designs in a variety of styles. Projects include animals such as a panda, elephant and lizard, insects such as a ladybird and dragonfly, and birds such as a swan and a penguin. There are other lovely things to create too, such as a cottage, a mandala and a feather. With clear step-by-step instructions accompanying each design, and beautiful photographs to inspire you, Painting Stones will soon have you on your way to creating your own rock art collection. 1 Login For Price
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