Water Media Painting Books

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SP10351 SP10351 WATERCOLOURS UNLEASHED by Jane Betteridge. In this book, the author shows watercolour artists how to explore colour and texture in their creative works. Learn to use watercolour paints in unusual and surprising ways to create works bursting with vibrancy and beauty.Innovative techniques to inspire and invigorate watercolour artists. Packed with excellent tuition and inspiring paintings. 7 varied step-by-step projects. 1 Login For Price
SP10399 SP10399 JEAN HAINES WORLD OF WATERCOLOUR. This beautiful book contains easy-to-follow and inspiring and in-depth exercises in an innovative and accessible way. The numerous examples of the authors work will inspire and encourage novice as well as experienced artists. After this introductory section, the book shows how to put the skills they've learned into practice with gorgeous step-by-step projects packed full of expert tips and advice. 1 Login For Price
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SP10849 SP10849 WATERCOLOUR LANDSCAPES STEP BY STEP. A comprehensive guide to painting with watercolour, drawing on the expertise of 6 renowned experts in the field. It covers materials, colour, watercolour techniques such as wet into wet, spattering, dry brush, lifting out and using salt, composition, planning a painting sketching, perspective, tone and painting trees, water, seas, skies and buildings, as well as mood and atmosphere. There are eleven beautiful step by step demonstrations. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP10917 SP10917 DRAWING & PAINTING PORTRAITS IN WATERCOLOUR. This complete guide to drawing and painting portraits in watercolour, pencil and charcoal, includes five step-by-step projects and numerous practical techniques. Portraiture is one of the most rewarding painting disciplines. In this book, experienced portrait artist David Thomas shows that it need not be intimidating. Learn to use watercolour, pencil and charcoal to produce fresh and approachable portraits invested with life and character. 1 Login For Price
SP12614 SP12614 COLOUR & LIGHT IN WATERCOLOUR by Jean Haines. Packed full of ideas, useful tips, expert advice and over 20 step-by-step demonstrations with subjects ranging from atmospheric winter landscapes to bright colourful cockerels. Artists of all tastes and abilities will not fail to be inspired by the authors imaginative and exciting use of light and colour. 1 Login For Price
SP12829 SP12829 PAINT YOURSELF CALM by Jean Haines. Meditative, peaceful and calming, watercolour painting offers a sense of control and self-worth to everyone, with no judgement or goal beyond the joy of painting itself. Master artist Jean Haines leads you on a journey through paint, showing you how to wipe away your worries with the soothing, gentle strokes of watercolour paint. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP12942 SP12942 VIBRANT WATERCOLOURS by Hazel Lake. Packed with inspirational artworks that cover everything from landscapes and portraits to abstract watercolours. The book begins with sections on materials and equipment, gathering ideas, sketching and colour, followed by in-depth explorations of line, shape and form, perspective and space. The final section on creating impact will provide all you need to produce stunning artworks. With five step-by-step projects to try out the techniques covered in the book, this is a truly inspiring guide that will encourage the reader into new ways of painting. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP12973 SP12973 TAKE THREE COLOURS LANDSCAPES. Geoff Kersey shows people who have never picked up a paintbrush how to paint convincing watercolour landscapes using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad. Geoff shows how 9 realistic watercolour scenes can be painted. There is no colour theory or long-winded mixing information, but a practical absolute beginner's course that shows the three colours in action. Clear advice and step-by-step photographs. 1 Login For Price
SP13116 SP13116 PAINTING PERSPECTIVE DEPTH DISTANCE IN WATERCOLOUR by Geoff Kersey. An expansion and update of Geoff Kersey's bestselling Perspective, Depth and Distance title in the Tips & Techniques series, this new edition features substantially expanded chapters on the key aspects of perspective along with new artwork and two completely new step-by-step projects. A masterclass in achieving the impression of depth and perspective in your watercolour landscapes. 1 Login For Price
SP13291 SP13291 WATERCOLOUR SECRETS by Terry Harrison. This comprehensive and accessible book brings together all the author has learnt during his lifetime and provides over 170 tips, techniques and trade secrets to help the reader improve their watercolour painting. It begins with what materials to buy, using photographs, colour and techniques, and ends with numerous tips on painting a variety of subjects such as skies, distance, mountains, beaches and boats. Terry has an easy, accessible style that artists of all abilities will find easy to understand. 1 Login For Price
SP13475 SP13475 ANNA MASONS WATERCOLOUR WORLD. Packed with advice and inspiring finished pieces, this gorgeous book guides you through her method of working with four beautiful step-by-step projects: a blackberry, an autumn leaf, a sunflower and a garden bird. Each project contains a traceable outline. The book is suitable for beginners or for more experienced artists looking to refine their style or try new techniques. 1 Login For Price
SP13932 SP13932 WATERCOLOUR ARTISTS BIBLE. Marilyn Scott presents over 100 step-by-step sequences to demonstrate how to paint a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to buildings, people, and still life. The keys to watercolour success are good planning, constant practice and a thorough understanding of your materials. Over 100 step-by-step sequences demonstrating how to paint a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to buildings, people, and still life. 1 Login For Price
SP14199 SP14199 HOW TO PAINT WATER IN WATERCOLOUR. Featuring tips and techniques by Joe Dowden to help artists better represent water. This compilation of in-depth exercises and practical projects aims to help artists master representing water in watercolour. With content selected specially from two of Joe's previous titles, the book features over 350 colour illustrations, inspirational photographs and 6 exercises to try. A fresh new design breathes new life into established tips and techniques. 1 Login For Price
SP14359 SP14359 PURE WATERCOLOUR PAINTING. If you have ever wanted to produce watercolour paintings filled with light and radiance, this inspirational and easy-to-follow guide will show you how. Learn how to use traditional watercolour techniques to produce beautiful, contemporary paintings that are full of light, colour and life. Packed with inspirational finished paintings and step-by-step projects, this engaging book teaches you how to use watercolours in their purest form, without the addition of any other media, to create art that has a radiancy and luminosity that cannot be achieved in any other way. 1 Login For Price
SP14540 SP14540 THE ART OF GOUACHE. This book is a highly practical step-by-step guide to working with gouache and not only teaches and inspires novice painters but also introduces more experienced artists to the advantages of using this much overlooked, but wonderful, medium. This guide covers all the materials and tools required and has a comprehensive techniques section that includes overlaying colours, colour blending and troubleshooting. Experienced author Jeremy Ford takes you through three simple, step-by-step projects, each showcasing a unique style of painting with gouache. Numerous finished paintings are included to demonstrate the range of subjects, styles and techniques that you can achieve. 1 Login For Price
SP10542 SP15615 THE WATERCOLOUR ENIGMA. The Watercolour Enigma is based on a practical course by artist Stephen Coates, and is designed to take the student through a process of learning rarely seen in other practical art books. By examining the basic science of watercolour including the properties of water and colour pigment, and through a series of practical, straightforward, step-by-step painting exercises, it will turn potential failure into success. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP16049 SP16049 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WATERCOLOUR TECHNIQUES. Ideal for artists of all skill levels, this exhaustive reference covers a multitude of areas concerning watercolour. The book is divided into three sections: the first covers the essential materials and tools you need to get you started on your watercolour journey, and how to set up your indoor and outdoor working spaces. The second provides step-by-step demonstrations that guide artists through a variety of techniques, from basic washes through to creating special effects using salt and wax resist. The third and final part tackles picture composition, from guiding readers on how to choose their palette and how to work with different lights, to understanding important concepts such as perspective and spatial depth. 1 Login For Price
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SP16285 SP16285 BOATS & HARBOURS IN WATERCOLOUR. This guide to painting boats and harbours in watercolour is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time. Broken down into 33 quick and easy postcard size paintings, this basic course will teach you all the skills you need to paint boats, yachts or barges on calm seas or raging waves, including how to depict reflections in water, realistic spray and the suggestion of a busy harbourside or coastal village. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP16377 SP16377 POCKET BOOK FOR WATERCOLOUR ARTISTS by Charles Evans. Discover 100 top tips for painting in watercolour that will take the mystery out painting, covering topics from creating depth, introducing harmony, how to deal with light and shade and how to create mood and atmosphere. Contained inside one slim, notebook-size book that will fit perfectly in your kit bag for easy transportation while painting on the go, it includes quick, clever tips that are easy to follow and effective. 1 Login For Price
SP16384 SP16384 GEOFF KERSEYS POCKETBOOK FOR WATERCOLOUR ARTISTS. Geoff Kersey shares his expertise in this book packed full of tips for watercolour painters. Learn all you need to know, from what to buy, composing a painting and mastering techniques such as wet into wet and dry brush work, to how to paint skies, water, trees, buildings and more. The tips are clearly explained and illustrated through artwork and step-by-step photographs. 1 Login For Price
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SP10542 SP16780 DAVID BELLAMY'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO LANDSCAPES. Renowned watercolourist David Bellamy brings you a collection of his finest watercolour landscape paintings in one outstanding book. From mountains, rocks and crags, to moody skies, cloud types, shafts of light, haze, mist, and capturing tranquil water and raging seas, David's expert knowledge will guide you through to depict your own stunning scenes in lively watercolour. He imparts in-depth practical advice on painting and sketching, clearly setting out all the techniques required, such as misty atmospheric effects, tackling frost and capturing the essence of each season. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP17299 SP17299 DAVID BELLAMY 'S ARABIAN LIGHT IN WATERCOLOUR. Explore the deserts, mountains and souks of the Middle East with artist David Bellamy. This book provides a compelling artistic insight into this fascinating, diverse and inspirational region. It provides an intriguing insight into South Arabia and the Swahili Coast, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman, describing the history, culture, customs and geography of the region and the daily life of its inhabitants. Watercolourists will be inspired by the author's awe-inspiring ability to depict sweeping vistas and create a sense of space in his paintings, and to capture the very essence of a place through his art. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP17800 SP17800 WATERCOLOUR PAINTING STEP BY STEP. This is a practical and comprehensive guide for all watercolourists, from beginner to the experienced artist looking for inspiration and ideas. Starting with advice on materials, colour and composition, the book goes on to describe basic and more advanced techniques and the wonderful effects they can produce. Fourteen easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations show the reader how to paint skies, trees, water, buildings and flowers. Each section is accompanied by a selection of inspirational paintings by the featured artists. 1 Login For Price
SP18999 SP18999 DAVID BELLAMY LANDSCAPES IN WATERCOLOUR. Master artist and best-selling author David Bellamy shares his ideas approach and techniques for painting the landscape throughout the year. He looks at each season in detail and explores the challenges and surprises they present to the landscape artist. Also covered are learning techniques for seasonal effects such as rendering frost on trees, misty and atmospheric effects, injecting rogue colours to add excitement to your work, how to tackle a variety of tree branches for different species depicting light branches against dark backgrounds, altering the composition to suit your needs and so much more. 1 Login For Price
SP19422 SP19422 CHARLES EVANS' WATERCOLOUR RESCUE BOOK. Watercolour is a difficult medium to master and even experienced artists are prone to making mistakes. Over the years he has spent working as a professional artist and demonstrator, Charles Evans has built up a huge bank of expert advice, tricks, tips and techniques for fixing common watercolour problems, correcting mistakes, and learning how to avoid them in the first place. These problems include how to remove cauliflowers , avoiding or fixing water spillages, preventing colours from bleeding into one another, making distant hills look, well, distant, and making less muddy colour mixes. Each problem is one that Charles is commonly asked to solve, followed by his solution, and a short demonstration of how to prevent the problem occurring next time you paint. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP19484 SP19484 THE WATERCOLOUR COMPANION by Matthew Palmer. This easy, practical reference guide to watercolour painting combines top tips, handy hints and useful tricks-of-the-trade for artists of all abilities. Unique to this book are the authors key mix swatches. These allow you to achieve perfect results every time; explaining the colours you need and in what proportion. The paint mix is shown both wet and dry, so you can compare your palette with the wet mix, and know what it'll look like once applied. The dry swatches stretch to the edge of the page, so you can also simply hold the book up to the object you re painting, find a colour match and create the right mix with ease. The book also includes a pull-out picture finder, which will help you create the best composition from the scene in front of you, isolate and identify a colour, try different picture formats and help with proportion and size. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP20064 SP20064 CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING THROUGH THE SEASONS BOOK by Sun Chenggang & Ning Xiangying. 30 beautiful, atmospheric designs to paint in the ancient Chinese brush painting style. Chinese brush painting typically includes themes such as birds, plants and flowers, landscapes, fruit and vegetables and fish. This book explores these themes through the four seasons, with the peony depicted in spring, the lotus flower in summer, the vegetable harvest in autumn and the bamboo bud in winter. Explained in the introduction to each project, the symbolism is followed by clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations. There is a short section at the beginning of the book describing tools, materials and techniques to help readers achieve the almost ethereal beauty and delicacy of this style of painting. 1 Login For Price
SP20415 SP20415 WATERCOLOUR NATURE UNLEASHED BOOK by Jane Betteridge. Be inspired by nature and explore innovative and dynamic ways to bring vibrancy and texture to your creative watercolour works of art. In this reissue of her best-selling book Dynamic Watercolours, the author demonstrates an effective and vibrant use of a huge range of exciting ways of working, including the use of crackle paste, modelling pastes, metallic leaf, gilding flakes, print and much more. Inspired by nature on every page and showcasing 75 inspirational finished paintings, this book will excite and inspire watercolour artists of all abilities to experiment and approach their painting in a whole new way. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP21948 SP21948 COMPLETE GUIDE TO WATERCOLOUR BOOK by David Webb. In this beautifully produced book, artist and teacher David Webb shares his expertise to provide comprehensive guidance for anyone painting in watercolour. How-to techniques are at the heart of the book and feature detailed explanations and demonstrations that will get you progressing fast, with a real understanding of the medium. Included in this section are Help panels that focus on what can go wrong: the typical mistakes made and how you can avoid them. Readers will also discover the widest possible range of watercolour techniques thanks to our team of internationally recognised guest artists, who will be revealing some of their painting secrets in a series of lessons. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP86748 SP86748 ATMOSPHERIC WATERCOLOURS by Jean Haines. In this wonderfully practical book, the author provides simple exercises, clear advice and easy-to-follow projects that push the boundaries and will alter your thinking about watercolours and painting. With a selection of popular subjects, including animals, landscapes, buildings, flowers and people, there is something for everyone here, whatever their artistic ability. 1 Login For Price
SP88254 SP88254 WATERCOLOUR FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER by Matthew Palmer. This book is a comprehensive course in watercolour landscape painting. It begins with excellent advice for the beginner, including, easy drawing for painting, composition, easy perspective, light and shade, colour, and how to paint skies, tree, water and figures in watercolour. The exercises are ideal for beginners and the main projects will also build skills for improving artists. Six simple exercises to get readers going with watercolour followed by six more in-depth step by step exercises to build skills and confidence. Packed with expert advice and includes 12 pull-out outlines 1 Login For Price
SP89503 SP89503 PAINTING WATERCOLOUR SEA & SKY THE EASY WAY by Terry Harrison. This long-awaited follow up to Terry Harrison's Sea & Sky in Watercolour has six new projects and a wealth of beautiful new paintings. Terry's clear, no-nonsense advice takes the mystery out of painting clouds, clear skies, sunsets, foam bursts, breaking waves, rippled water, reflections, boats, cliffs, rocks, beaches and much more. There are plenty of tips and techniques to show how to use There are then nine beautiful step-by-step projects that show the techniques in action.Takes the mystery out of painting seas and skies in watercolour. Simple techniques clearly explained and demonstrated to make painting easier. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP89534 SP89534 DRAWING AND PAINTING WITH WATERSOLUBLE MEDIA by Fiona Peart. Whether you have pencils, paints or colour sticks, it can be used to stunning effect with this book. In this book the author guides you through four essential ways of working with watersoluble media; each of which can be applied to whatever you have in your cupboard at home - whether you have inks, watercolour or acrylic paints, watersoluble pencils or sticks - and they even encompass multimedia collage. Includes illustrated step-by-step example paintings and techniques for ease of use. 1 Login For Price
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