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Taklon Brush Sets

These Taklon brushes have been designed to meet the needs of the beginning artist providing quality and value for money. The range consists of brushes for use with the heavy bodied and regular acrylics and oil colours.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AS206SET6 AS206SET6 ART SECRET FREE-STYLE 6 TAKLON BRUSH SET. Contains a selection of series 206 Taklon filament brushes - size 2 Liner, size 6 Round, size 12 Round, size 10 Flat, size 12 Slant and size 12 Feathering brush for fine detail such as animal hair, grasses etc. These all-round, multi-purpose brushes feature short (145mm) wooden handles and aluminium ferrules. 875 Login For Price
SFB0036 SFB0036 SINOART MIXED MEDIA STUDENT 6 BRUSH SET OF 6. Set contains 4 round, soft goat hair brushes in sizes 2, 4, 6 & 10 plus flat bristle brushes in sizes 8 &12 all packed in a hang/sell sleeve. Ideal for use with all media including watercolours, acrylic, oil and tempera colours. 215 Login For Price
SFB0226 SFB0226 SINOART SYNTHETIC LONG HANDLED ARTIST BRUSH WALLET OF 12. This wallet set of 12 long-handled, selected brown taklon/nylon hair brushes contains: Fan size 4, Angle shader size 6, Filbert sizes 4 & 8, Round sizes 1, 4, 6 and 8, Flat sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8 in a reusable wallet-style, brush storage holder. 226 Login For Price
SFB0273 SFB0273 SINOART LONG HANDLE MIXED HAIR BRUSH SET OF 6.Contains white taklon brushes round size 2, flat size 4 and filbert size 4 plus bristle brushes round size 6, bright size 8 and filbert size 12 packed in a hang/sell sleeve. Suitable for oil colours and heavy body acrylics. 213 Login For Price
SFB0274 SFB0274 SINOART WHITE TAKLON LONG HANDLE BRUSH SET 4. This set of long handled, white taklon brushes contains one each of: Round size 6, Filbert size 6, Flat sizes 6 and 8 in a hang/sell sleeve. 346 Login For Price
SS500SET SS500SET NUART TAKLON FLAT/ROUND STUDENT BRUSH SET 5. A pre-packaged, reusable hang-sell clear vinyl wallet containing one each of series 530RT round white filled Taklon brush in sizes 1, 4 and 6 plus one each of series 510FT flat brushes in sizes 6 and 14. Set of 5 695 Login For Price
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