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Taklon Brush Sets

These Taklon brushes have been designed to meet the needs of the beginning artist providing quality and value for money. The range consists of brushes for use with the heavy bodied and regular acrylics and oil colours.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AS2021SET AS2021SET ART SECRET 12 WATERCOLOR BRUSH GIFT SET. A finely crafted, zippered fabric brush wallet containing a unique selection of short-handled, watercolour brushes comprised of 11 Taklon fibre brushes plus one round, fine animal hair bush. The Taklon brushes included are a 25mm wash brush, 3 round pointed brushes, one each flat, filbert, slant shader, sword liner, mop, fan blender and wire-wound quill brush. 149 Login For Price
SFB0144 SFB0144 SINOART 18 TAKLON WATERCOLOR BRUSH WALLET SET OF 18. This set contains an assortment of 9 round, short handled, white taklon hair brushes plus 9 flat taklon brushes in assorted sizes all set in a black canvas brush holder contained in a clear plastic storage container. 44 Login For Price
SFB0236 SFB0236 SINOART WHITE TAKLON SYNTHETIC WASH BRUSH SET OF 3. This set of three short handled, white taklon brushes contains one each of the following flat wash brushes 1 inch (25mm), 2 inch (50mm) and 3 inch (75mm). 130 Login For Price
SFB0275 SFB0275 SINOART TAKLON ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOUR BRUSH SET OF 7. This set of seven short handled, golden taklon brushes contains one each of: Round sizes 2 and 4, Liner size 00, Shaders size 2 and 6, Angle Flat 1/4inch(6.4mm) and Wash size 3/4 Inch (19mm) in a hang/sell sleeve. 125 Login For Price
SFB0278 SFB0278 SINOART WHITE TAKLON SHORT HANDLE SET 5. This set of five short handled, white taklon brushes contains one each of the following: Round sizes 1 and 4 Flat size 6 Wash sizes 5/8Inch (16mm) and 1Inch (25mm) in a hang/sell sleeve. 466 Login For Price
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