Brushes & Painting Knives

Marabu Effect Painting Tools

A range of brushes for specialty applications.

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MC017020 MC017020 MARABU COLOUR SHAPERS SET OF 5. Colour Shaper set of 5 featuring silicone tips that are round, flat and angled. Suitable for mixing and spreading paints, modelling pastes, texture pastes and gels. The silicone tips dry quickly and are easy wash up. Handles are FSC certified wood. 22 Login For Price
MC017030 MC017030 MARABU SCRAPER TOOLS SET OF 3. Marabu Scraper set of 3 for unique effects in paint, pastes, gels etc. 14 Login For Price
MC019200 MC019200 MARABU MIXED MEDIA EFFECTS BRUSH SET OF 4. Contains 1 each of the brushes #16 flat, #6 round, #12 angled and #6 fan synthetic brushes. Ideal for acrylics, oils and gels. Handles are made from FSC certified wood. 19 Login For Price
MC019201 MC019201 MARABU COLLAGE BRUSH 25mm. The Collage Brush has short, very fine yet flexible synthetic bristles which are ideal for all paper crafting techniques. Handle made from FSC certified wood. 15 Login For Price
MC019202 MC019202 MARABU GESSO BRUSH 50mm. Marabu Gesso Brush is perfect for primers. Handles made from FSC certified wood. 5 Login For Price
MC029001 MC029001 MARABU FOAM STIPPLING/STENCIL BRUSH SET OF 3. A set of 3 assorted size, fine-pored foam, robust stippling brushes for stencilling. Also ideal for stippling larger areas and applying Chalky-Chic Paints and mediums. Brush handles are made of FSC certified wood. Brushes measure 1.5, 3.5 and 5cm in diameter. 13 Login For Price
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