Calligraphy Sets - Cretacolor

These Calligraphy sets provide everything for lettering, cards, invitations and more.
For beginners, hobbyists and the professional calligrapher. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR43120 CR43120 CRETACOLOR CALLIGRAPHY SET 7. Contains everything you need to get started including a 30ml bottle of black China Ink, 5 assorted pen nibs and nib holder with marbled handle and clamping lever to hold nibs in place during use. 1 Login For Price
CR43123 CR43123 CRETACOLOR 11 PIECE CALLIGRAPHY SET. This 11 piece set contains the following:- 1 premium-quality metal cartridge pen, 3 nibs (1.1 mm / 1.5 mm / 1.9 mm)- 6 ink cartridges in 4 colours (2x black, 2x blue, 1x red, 1x green)- 1 ink cartridge converter- 1 instruction booklet with lettering samples 32 Login For Price
CR43197 CR43197 CRETACOLOR ARTIST STUDIO CALLIGRAPHY Set 7. Set contains 1 calligraphy pen holder, 3 different nibs (1.1, 1.5 & 2.3 mm), 1 cap for the pen holder and 2 ink cartridges (black). 7 Login For Price
CR43199 CR43199 CRETACOLOR STOCKED CALLIGRAPHY NIB/HOLDER/INK DISPLAY. Contains 12 x 30ml bottles of Cretacolor deep black China Ink, 16 blister carded 5 nib sets containing one nib each of fine roundhand writing, poster, ornamental, square-cut and italic styles plus 20 assorted colour wooden handled nib holders. 1 Login For Price
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