Calligraphy Text Books

In the world of smartphones and digital texting, many believe that hand lettering has become a dying art. However, a stealthy resurgence is now occurring in the world of graphic design; beautiful, artistic lettering is making a comeback. This historic form of creative expression is now being embraced more and more by designers of logos, product packaging, book covers, and advertisements.

If you’re already a calligrapher, these books will help you improve and enhance your calligraphy skills.

If you’re just beginning, they will help you learn this amazing art form quickly and easily and set you on the path to becoming a calligraphy master!

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SPEB3074 SPEB3074 *SPEEDBALL COPPERPLATE SCRIPT YING & YANG BOOK. This 132 page, highly informative and insightful content book by Paul Antonio presents new concepts and technical approaches that will completely reinvent the manner in which lettering artists tackle this beautiful copperplate script. This ambitious work also features the works of an additional 25 renowned lettering artists from around this globe. 11 Login For Price
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