Nibs - Bandzug

A range of square nibs for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) lettering. Ink reservoir on top. Unique for the sharpness of its angles and by the precision of its upstrokes, the Bandzug nib gives incomparable Gothic letters. The 0.7mm nib is a unique size to Brause. This italic nib is good for invitations when the 1mm is too large. The 2mm is good for beginners and people with a heavy hand.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
B0318005 B0318005 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 0.5mm Box 3 18 Login For Price
B0318007 B0318007 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 0.7mm Box 3 14 Login For Price
B0318010 B0318010 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 1mm Box 3 14 Login For Price
B0318015 B0318015 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 1.5mm Box 3 17 Login For Price
B0318020 B0318020 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 2mm Box 3 14 Login For Price
B0318025 B0318025 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 2.5mm Box 3 17 Login For Price
B0318030 B0318030 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 3mm Box 3 18 Login For Price
B0318040 B0318040 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 4mm Box 3 17 Login For Price
B0318050 B0318050 BRAUSE BANDZUG NIBS 5mm Box 3 20 Login For Price
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