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Fredrix Cradled Canvas Boards

Fredrix Cradled Canvas Boards provide you with a firm, versatile surface for acrylics, oils and more. A medium textured, acid free and acrylic primed Polycotton canvas is attached to a hardboard core and cradled with sustainably grown pine. A buffered sizing of non-acidic pH protects the canvas fibres from direct contact with the final priming. The canvas has a universal acrylic titanium formula that is suitable for painting in acrylics, oils, water soluble oils, alkyds, spray paints, paint markers & permanent markers.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
FDX3851 FDX3851 *FREDRIX CRADLED CANVAS BOARD 203x254mm (8x10inch) 7 Login For Price
FDX3852 FDX3852 *FREDRIX CRADLED CANVAS BOARD 228x305mm (9x12inch) 9 Login For Price
FDX3853 FDX3853 *FREDRIX CRADLED CANVAS BOARD 254x254mm (10x10inch) 10 Login For Price
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