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Fredrix Creative Series Stretched Canvas

Medium textured poly-cotton stretched canvas suitable for all oil and acrylic paint colours. Double primed to 305gsm with acid-free acrylic titanium gesso to produce an archival quality surface that is ready to paint. The canvas is back-stapled onto 35mm square heavy duty timber stretcher bars to allow painting on all four edges and hanging without a frame.
NB. Canvases marked with # are not guaranteed against twisting and are not subject to return. Framing will correct most twisting where it occurs. Also indicates minimum order quantities apply for this product. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
FDX5981 FDX5981 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES GALLERY STRETCHED CANVAS 203x254mm (8x10inch). 2 Login For Price
FDX5988 FDX5988 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES GALLERY STRETCHED CANVAS 508x508mm (20x20inch). 4 Login For Price
FX5969 FX5969 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES STRETCHED CANVAS 305 x 406mm (12 x 16) - STANDARD. PACK 2 26 Login For Price
FX5975 FX5975 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES STRETCHED CANVAS 203x254mm (8x10inch) - STANDARD PACK 2. 31 Login For Price
FX5976 FX5976 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES STRETCHED CANVAS 229 x 305mm (9x12) - STANDARD. PACK 2 39 Login For Price
FX5978 FX5978 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES STRETCHED CANVAS 406 x 508mm (16x20) - STANDARD. PACK 2 8 Login For Price
FX5979 FX5979 *FREDRIX CREATIVE SERIES STRETCHED CANVAS 457 x 610mm (18x24) - STANDARD PACK 2 19 Login For Price
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