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Wooden Painting Panels

Classic wood painting panels suitable for a variety of painting and drawing media and techniques. The stable and rigid surface is a great support for mounting prints, photographs, canvas or other mixed-media works. The Derivan wood painting panels feature a high quality 3mm sanded birch surface finished by a solid pine wood frame. The surface and frame have been carefully sanded to achieve a level of smoothness ideal for detailed work. 22mm edge.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
LIQAP0912 LIQAP0912 *WOODEN LIQUID ART PANEL A4 (9x12inch) Features a 38mm (1.5 inch) deep-edge frame enclosing a gesso primed masonite panel with a 3mm lip to contain coloured Marabu pouring medium or Art Resin artworks. 1 Login For Price
WPP0912 WPP0912 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 228 x 305mm (9x12Inch) 26 Login For Price
WPP1212 WPP1212 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 305 x 305mm (12x12Inch) 9 Login For Price
WPP1216 WPP1216 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 305 x 406mm (12x16Inch) 10 Login For Price
WPP1616 WPP1616 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 406 x 406mm (16x16Inch) 6 Login For Price
WPP1620 WPP1620 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 406 x 508mm (16x20Inch) 3 Login For Price
WPP1824 WPP1824 WOODEN PAINTING PANEL 457 x 610mm (18x24Inch) on order - coming soon Login For Price
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