Underglaze - Speedball

Speedball Ceramic Underglazes feature bright and intense colors that are highly saturated for spectacular results. Compatible with Speedball Earthenware Glazes, they can be used for a variety of decorating techniques. They can be applied to both greenware and bisque and can be blended. Originally designed to perform in a wide firing range (Cone 06-6), they can be successfully fired at Cone 10.The liquid, opaque colors will not move or bleed, making them perfect for detailed painting, design work, and sgraffito. Because they're lead-free and clean up easily with water, Speedball Earthenware Glazes are ideal for classroom use.These underglazes are dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed. However, tableware producers should have finished ware lab tested to determine dinnerware suitability due to firing variances and contamination.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SPEB1000 SPEB1000 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 2oz - WHITE -3 Login For Price
SPEB1001 SPEB1001 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - CREAM 3 Login For Price
SPEB1002 SPEB1002 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 2/ 60ml (2oz) - YELLOW 0 Login For Price
SPEB1003 SPEB1003 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 60ml (2oz) - YELLOW ORANGE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1004 SPEB1004 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 60ml (2oz) - MELON 1 Login For Price
SPEB1005 SPEB1005 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 2/ 60ml (2oz) - PINK 0 Login For Price
SPEB1006 SPEB1006 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 60ml (2oz) - ROYAL 0 Login For Price
SPEB1007 SPEB1007 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - MID BLUE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1008 SPEB1008 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - SKY BLUE 1 Login For Price
SPEB1009 SPEB1009 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - TURQUOISE 3 Login For Price
SPEB1010 SPEB1010 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - AQUA 0 Login For Price
SPEB1011 SPEB1011 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - CHARTREUSE 5 Login For Price
SPEB1012 SPEB1012 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 2/ 60ml (2oz) - MEDIUM GREEN 0 Login For Price
SPEB1013 SPEB1013 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - PINE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1014 SPEB1014 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - TAN 2 Login For Price
SPEB1015 SPEB1015 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - BROWN 4 Login For Price
SPEB1016 SPEB1016 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 60ml (2oz) - BLACK 0 Login For Price
SPEB1017 SPEB1017 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - GRAY 0 Login For Price
SPEB1018 SPEB1018 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 60ml (2oz) - SEA BLUE 1 Login For Price
SPEB1019 SPEB1019 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 60ml (2oz) - ORANGE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1020 SPEB1020 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 60ml (2oz) - RED 1 Login For Price
SPEB1021 SPEB1021 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 60ml (2oz) - BURGUNDY 0 Login For Price
SPEB1022 SPEB1022 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 60ml (2oz) - PURPLE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1023 SPEB1023 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 60ml (2oz) - VIOLET 0 Login For Price
SPEB1050 SPEB1050 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 16oz (473ml) - WHITE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1052 SPEB1052 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 2/ 16oz (473ml) - YELLOW 0 Login For Price
SPEB1056 SPEB1056 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 16oz (473ml) - ROYAL BLUE 1 Login For Price
SPEB1062 SPEB1062 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 2/ 16oz (473ml) - MEDIUM GREEN 26 Login For Price
SPEB1065 SPEB1065 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 1/ 16oz (473ml) - BROWN 0 Login For Price
SPEB1066 SPEB1066 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 3/ 16oz (473ml) - BLACK 3 Login For Price
SPEB1069 SPEB1069 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 16oz (473ml) - ORANGE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1070 SPEB1070 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 16oz (473ml) - RED 0 Login For Price
SPEB1072 SPEB1072 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE 4/ 16oz (473ml) - PURPLE 0 Login For Price
SPEB1079 SPEB1079 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE CLASSROOM SET 6. Contains one 473ml bottle each of White, Yellow, Royal Blue, Black, Orange and Red. 1 Login For Price
SPEB1085 SPEB1085 SPEEDBALL UNDERGLAZE SET OF 12. Contains one 59ml bottle each of White, Yellow, Pink, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Medium Green, Brown, Black, Grey, Orange, Red and Purple. 0 Login For Price
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