Underglaze Crayons

Lead Free and AP Non Toxic. Sketching on bisque with underglaze chalk crayons results in pebbled appearances. Colours may be blended or smoothed by rubbing with fingers, paper stump or cotton bud. Watercolour effects are obtained by brushing with water. Sharpen the crayons for fine lines.
Set no. 208 - A set of 8 Crayons, one each of: turquoise, yellow, rose, dark blue, brown, dark green, black and white

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
UNDC208 UNDC208 AMACO UNDERGLAZE CRAYON 8 COLOUR SET. Contains one lead-free underglaze chalk crayon in each of the colours: Turquoise, Yellow, Rose Pink, Dark Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Black and White. Amaco Underglaze crayons can be used for a variety of drawing techniques on bisque ware. They can be used as supplied, sharpened for fine detail or dissolved in water for painting or spraying. 5 Login For Price
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