Pottery Clay - Northcote

Northcote clays are quarried in Victoria and fulfill the requirements for a whole range of uses. The range includes earthenware, stoneware, terracotta and raku clays. Ideal for students and artists alike. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BENEHB BENEHB NORTHCOTE WHITE EARTHENWARE CLAY 10Kg. A light creamy white earthenware body ideally suited to all handbuilding, especially larger or thicker work. Extremely plastic and also capable of withstanding higher temperatures than 1100 C. 80 Login For Price
BENRHB BENRHB NORTHCOTE WHITE HANDBUILDING RAKU CLAY 10Kg. An open white sandy body ideally suited to Raku firing and thermal shock, but equally suited to hand building. Will withstand Stoneware Temperatures. Fires to a stone-like appearance. Particle size is 10 mesh. 30 Login For Price
NORC2000 NORC2000 NORTHCOTE HANDBUILDING TERRACOTTA CLAY 10kg Bag. A beautiful handbuilding body, excellent for burnishing, has good green strength. Smooth enough for throwing, it fires to a salmon pink or deep orange colour depending on the firing temperature. Wet-dry shrinkage 6.5%, dry-fired shrinkage approx. 4.5% at 1100 C. Bisque Fire: 1000 C. Glaze Fire 1100 C. Porosity Approx.8%. 198 Login For Price
NORC3010 NORC3010 NORTHCOTE STONEWARE CLAY 10kg Bag. A light coloured plastic stoneware body excellent for throwing and used extensively by production potters for domestic ware. Fires to a buff grey colour. Wet-dry shrinkage 5%, dry-fired shrinkage 6% at 1200 C. Bisque Fire: 1000 C. Glaze Fire: 1280 C. Reducing or Oxidising. Porosity 0.5% at 1300 C. 40 Login For Price
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