Pottery Clay - Sio 2 Stoneware

Stoneware clay for sculpting and modelling. Excellent plasticity. With 40% grog 0-0.5 mm (up to 35 Mesh) they are ideal for sculpture, murals and Raku pieces. The high content of grog confers a beautiful textured surface and an excellent behaviour during drying and firing. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SIO2050GG SIO2050GG GRANADA WHITE STONEWARE CLAY 5KG. The particular ivory colour of Granda after firing (1240-1300C/cone 6-10) is much appreciated and provides an excellent ware for glazes and colouring oxides, which develop bright and intense tones. 0 Login For Price
SIO2050GL SIO2050GL LANZAROTE BLACK STONEWARE CLAY 5KG. The beautiful and intense black firing colour of Lanzarote at 1200-1260C (cone 5-7) in an oxidising atmosphere is very exclusive and becomes an ideal artistic means of expression. 2 Login For Price
SIO2050GT SIO2050GT TEIDE TAN/BROWN STONEWARE CLAY 5KG. The amazing firing colour at 1240-1300C (cone 6-10) with different tones of dark tan and brown, highlights the relief of the piece, and becomes an ideal artistic means of expression. 4 Login For Price
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