Craft Twine & Cord

Extensive range of twine, ribbon, raffia and cords for all craft and sewing applications.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JUTTF070 JUTTF070 NATURAL JUTE - 70m BALL. Jute Twine 880 Tex x 70m for many uses. 10 Login For Price
JUTTF570 JUTTF570 NATURAL JUTE TWINE - 2 PLY FINE 570m REEL. A good quality, fine 1.2mm thick, strong 2 ply natural twine for many classroom uses. 8 Login For Price
JUTTH140 JUTTH140 NATURAL JUTE TWINE 4mm HEAVYWEIGHT 140 mtr REEL. A good quality, 3mm thick, strong 3 ply natural twine for many classroom uses. 6 Login For Price
JUTTM315 JUTTM315 NATURAL JUTE TWINE - 2 PLY MEDIUM-315m REEL.A good quality, medium 2mm thick, strong 2 ply natural twine for many classroom uses. 7 Login For Price
RAFN50 RAFN50 NATURAL RAFFIA CORD Bundle 50g. The finest quality natural (undyed) Raffia from Madagascar. Available in 50g pack or hanks (approx. 400-600m), which are sold by bulk weight (i.e. per kilogram). To simplify ordering please specify the number of kilograms required. 129 Login For Price
RN109 RN109 SATIN RIBBON WIDTHS, LENGTHS & COLOUR ASSORTMENT. Satin ribbons in a random assortmwnt of widths, lengths and colours. 3 Login For Price
RUBS25CL RUBS25CL RUBBER STRING CLEAR 0.5mm x 25m. Ideal for jewellery and beading projects . . . strong yet stretchy! Allows easy stringing and knotting during assembly and convenient fitting and removal of the completed item. Will not pill or fray like hat elastic. Reels in 0.5mm diameter of transparent string. 3 Login For Price
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