3D Wood Puzzle & Key Chains

Wooden 3D puzzle kits for creative designing and collecting. Easy to assemble - simply push together! Puzzle pieces are produced from FSC certified timber ready for decorating with a six colour Basic Marabu paint set.

The wooden 3D key chain ornaments comprise a nickel-plated key chain and different wooden shapes from FSC certified wood.  Ideal for decorating with Marabu Kids craft paint and Glitter Magic.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC317001 MC317001 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE- BIPLANE 3 Login For Price
MC317002 MC317002 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - HYDRO PLANE 3 Login For Price
MC317003 MC317003 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - HELICOPTER 5 Login For Price
MC317004 MC317004 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - TRUCK 3 Login For Price
MC317010 MC317010 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - FAIRY HOUSE 9 Login For Price
MC317011 MC317011 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - TREE HOUSE 2 Login For Price
MC317012 MC317012 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - DREAM HOUSE on order - coming soon Login For Price
MC317013 MC317013 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - BEACH HOUSE on order - coming soon Login For Price
MC317020 MC317020 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - BUTTERFLY 13 Login For Price
MC317021 MC317021 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - DINOSAUR T-REX 13 Login For Price
MC317022 MC317022 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - LION 1 Login For Price
MC317023 MC317023 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE- HORSE 10 Login For Price
MC317024 MC317024 MARABU WOODEN 3D PUZZLE - ELEPHANT 26 Login For Price
MC317030 MC317030 MARABU KEY CHAIN & WOODEN HEART PIECE. 22 Login For Price
MC317031 MC317031 MARABU KEY CHAIN & WOODEN FLOWER PIECE. 18 Login For Price
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