Balsawood Blocks/Sticks

An excellent, inexpensive material for carving and model making, being light, clean, splinter free, easy to cut, carve and glue. Can even be coloured with dyes, inks, crayons and stains. Can easily be textured for use as a printing block.
Our Balsa comes from Plantation timber - a renewable resource.

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BA1004 BA1004 BALSAWOOD ASSORTED PACK PLUS BALSA CEMENT GLUE. Contains approximately 13 flat sheets 100 x 300mm in various thicknesses (1 to 3mm), plus approximately 2 flat sheets 100 x 450mm (1 to 3mm thick, approximately 4 sticks 450mm long in various sizes, 1 x block approximately 150 x 115 x 20mm, 1 x 18ml Testors cement for wood models. N.B. Contents may vary due to current availability. 8 Login For Price
BA1100 BA1100 ARTMIL BALSA STAND AND STOCK COMPLETE. Balsa Stand (H 925x W 415 x D 345mm) including stock contains the following: BA3630 x 1, BA3631 x 4, BA3632 x 2, BA3633 x 2, BA3634 x 1, BA3635 x 1BA3636 x 1, BA3637 x 1, BA3638 x 1, BA3640 x 1, BA3641 x 1, BA3642 x 1 BA3740 x 1, BA3741 x,1, BA3742 x 2, BA3743 x 1, BA3744 x 1, BA3745 x 1BA3746 x 1, BA3670 x 2, BA3671 x 2, BA3672 x 3, BA3673 x 3, BA3674 x 1BA3675 x 1, BA3676 x 1, BA3678 x 1 and BA3679 x 1. 0 Login For Price
BA2002 BA2002 ARTMIL BALSAWOOD BRICK PACK. Contains 288 small Balsa bricks. Ideal for constructing buildings etc. Bricks measure 10 x 10 x 25mm 1 Login For Price
BA2003 BA2003 ARTMIL BALSAWOOD BLOCK PACK. Contains 6 Balsa blocks. Blocks measure 65 x 35 x 35mm 2 Login For Price
BA2004 BA2004 ARTMIL BALSAWOOD SHEET PACK. Contains 36 Balsa sheets. Twelve sheets each of 100 x 75mm, 70 x 75mm and 50 x 75mm. Sheets are approximately 3mm thick. 1 Login For Price
BA2005 BA2005 ARTMIL BALSAWOOD STICK PACK. Balsa sticks ideal for construction, model building etc . Sticks measure 150 x 9 x 3mm. Approximately 100 sticks per bag 1 Login For Price
BA2006 BA2006 BALSAWOOD BALSA BASICS ASSORTED PACK. Balsa Basics pack contains five versions of different basic shapes ranging from matches, blocks, sticks and sheets. These shapes are suitable for craft enthusiasts, school or model building. NB. Contents may vary slightly according to availability. 2 Login For Price
BA3630 BA3630 BALSA-SHEET 1.0 x 75 x 915mm 0 Login For Price
BA3631 BA3631 BALSA-SHEET 1.5 x 75 x 915mm 30 Login For Price
BA3632 BA3632 BALSA-SHEET 2.5 x 75 x 915mm 40 Login For Price
BA3633 BA3633 BALSA-SHEET 3.0 x 75 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3634 BA3634 BALSA-SHEET 5.0 x 75 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3635 BA3635 BALSA-SHEET 6.5 x 75 x 915mm 20 Login For Price
BA3636 BA3636 BALSA-SHEET 8.0 x 75 x 915mm 17 Login For Price
BA3637 BA3637 BALSA-SHEET 9.5 x 75 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3638 BA3638 BALSA-SHEET 12.5 x 75 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3640 BA3640 BALSA-SHEET 20.0 x 75 x 915mm 6 Login For Price
BA3641 BA3641 BALSA-SHEET 25.0 x 75 x 915mm 8 Login For Price
BA3642 BA3642 BALSA-BLOCK 40 x 75 x 915mm 4 Login For Price
BA3646 BA3646 BALSA-SHEET 4.0 x 75 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3670 BA3670 BALSA-SQUARE 2.5 x 915mm BLACK TIP 0 Login For Price
BA3671 BA3671 BALSA-SQUARE 3.0 x 915mm GREEN TIP 0 Login For Price
BA3672 BA3672 BALSA-SQUARE 5.0 x 915mm YELLOW TIP 110 Login For Price
BA3673 BA3673 BALSA-SQUARE 6.5 x 915mm RED TIP 100 Login For Price
BA3674 BA3674 BALSA-SQUARE 9.5 x 915mm ORANGE TIP 25 Login For Price
BA3675 BA3675 BALSA-SQUARE 12.5 x 915mm BLUE TIP 10 Login For Price
BA3676 BA3676 BALSA-SQUARE 19.0 x 915mm BROWN TIP 10 Login For Price
BA3678 BA3678 BALSA-SQUARE 25.0 x 915mm PURPLE TIP 60 Login For Price
BA3679 BA3679 BALSA-SQUARE 4.0 x 4.0 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3740 BA3740 BALSA-SHEET 1.5 x 100 x 915mm 0 Login For Price
BA3741 BA3741 BALSA-SHEET 2.5 x 100 x 915mm 25 Login For Price
BA3742 BA3742 BALSA-SHEET 3.0 x 100 x 915mm 40 Login For Price
BA3743 BA3743 BALSA-SHEET 5.0 x 100 x 915mm 30 Login For Price
BA3744 BA3744 BALSA-SHEET 6.5 x 100 x 915mm 0 Login For Price
BA3745 BA3745 BALSA-SHEET 9.5 x 100 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA3746 BA3746 BALSA-SHEET 12.5 x 100 x 915mm 10 Login For Price
BA4804 BA4804 #BALSAWOOD SHEET A3 - 4mm. 1 Login For Price
BA5012 BA5012 BALSA-ROUND 12.5 x 915mm 4 Login For Price
BA5050 BA5050 BALSA-ROUND 5.0 x 915mm 30 Login For Price
BA5065 BA5065 BALSA-ROUND 6.5 x 915mm 5 Login For Price
BA5080 BA5080 BALSA-ROUND 8.0 x 915mm 8 Login For Price
BA5095 BA5095 BALSA-ROUND 9.5 x 915mm 20 Login For Price
BALPSB BALPSB BALSAWOOD 130 PIECE PRE-SCHOOL STACKING BOX. This classroom box set contains 40 - 50x65mm rectangular blocks over three lengths plus 90 triangular blocks ranging in size from 62x62x87mm to 65x128x126mm - a total of 130 blocks that will create many combinations to stack creatively. 2 Login For Price
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