Clock Parts

Quality, elegant clock parts including hands, numbers and movement.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CLOH3BK CLOH3BK *BLACK CLOCK HANDS TO SUIT 25cm CLOCK FACE SET 3. A set of 3 modern, square edge, black coloured clock hands to suit a minimum 25cm diameter clock face when using a 17mm shaft clock movement 4 Login For Price
CLOH3GI CLOH3GI GILT CLOCK HANDS SET TO SUIT 17mm SHAFT KIT. An alternative set of three gilt finish clock hands, to replace the standard black hands set supplied with the the 17mm shaft movement kit, for a more elegant clockface when combined with the gilt Roman numerals set. 8 Login For Price
CLOM15 CLOM15 20cm CLOCKFACE MOVEMENT KIT WITH 17mm LENGTH OUT SHAFT. Quality, reliable, battery operated clock movement complete with a set of traditional style hands plus straight seconds hand. Requires the addition of a set of either 16mm Roman or Arabic style numbers to complete a clock.The 17mm length out shaft suits clock faces up to 12mm in thickness and includes a wall hanger (where required). The black finish hands can be replaced by the set of similar style gilt hands if required. Guarantees accurate timekeeping using the one AA Battery included. 6 Login For Price
CLONA58 CLONA58 ARABIC CLOCK NUMBERS GILT- 16mm (5/8inch). Quality, elegant modern Arabic style, gold coloured Clock Numbers - for attachment to a clock face when using the 17mm long shaft clock movement kit. 3 Login For Price
CLONR58 CLONR58 ROMAN CLOCK NUMBERS GILT - 16mm (5/8inch). Quality, elegant classic Roman style, gold coloured Clock Numbers - for attachment to a clock face when using a standard 15mm or 17mm long shaft clock movement kit. NLA
TQ010 TQ010 SMALL 15cm CLOCK MOVEMENT/HANDS/NUMBERS KIT. A complete clock movement kit to a 15cm minimum diameter clockface. Supplied with a 15mm long output shaft for clock faces up to 10mm thick plus a set of modern straight rounded edge hands together with a set of black, 15mm Arabic numerals. Kit includes optional hanger bracket and requires the addition of one AA size battery (not included) to complete the clock. Where a larger 25cm diameter clockface is required, add clock hands set CLOH3BK. 1 Login For Price
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