Embossing Shim & Tools

Soft and very easily worked with embossing or modelling tools, but still retaining the capability of providing fine definition. Aluminium and Copper embossing shim is suitable for making ornamental pieces, plaques, jewellery, sculptures, works of art and many other decorative applications.
Please note: Copper Shim is prone to tarnishing and is sometimes delivered from the factory in this state - to clean, use White Spirit and a clean cloth. To protect the finished piece, coat with a suitable clear lacquer.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
EMBSA4AS EMBSA4AS ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM A4 (5 COLOUR) ASSORTED PACK OF 10. Contains two 0.07mm thick sheets each of the colours Blue, Red, Green, Copper and Gold and can be easily cut with regular scissors as well as folded, manipulated and scored. 20 Login For Price
EMBSA4BL EMBSA4BL ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM A4 - BLUE Pkt.5. Shim is 0.15mm thick 3 Login For Price
EMBSA4GO EMBSA4GO ^ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM A4 - GOLD Pkt.5. Shim is 0.15mm thick 1 Login For Price
EMBSA4RE EMBSA4RE ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM A4 - RED Pkt.5. Shim is 0.15mm thick 13 Login For Price
EMBSA4SI EMBSA4SI ^ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM A4 - SILVER Pkt.5. Shim is 0.15mm thick 0 Login For Price
EMBSBL EMBSBL ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM 42 x 100cm ROLL - BLUE. Shim is 0.15mm thick. 10 Login For Price
EMBSCO EMBSCO ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM 42 x 100cm ROLL - COPPER. Shim is 0.15mm thick. 17 Login For Price
EMBSGO EMBSGO ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM 42 x 100cm ROLL - GOLD. Shim is 0.15mm thick. 16 Login For Price
EMBSRE EMBSRE ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM 42 x 100cm ROLL - RED. Shim is 0.15mm thick. 10 Login For Price
EMBSSI EMBSSI ALUMINIUM EMBOSSING SHIM 42 x 100cm ROLL - SILVER. Shim is 0.15mm thick. 30 Login For Price
JR210537 JR210537 DOUBLE ENDED BALL STYLUS. Double-ended ball stylus excellent for sgraffito, embossing and tole painting. Ball size: 0.8mm/1.2mm. Stylus is 135mm long. 225 Login For Price
METEK405 METEK405 ARTOOL METAL EMBOSSING TOOL KIT #405. This metal embossing tool kit is the very best quality and features an ergonomically designed, mushroom-shaped handle - which fits comfortably into the palm of the hand - providing pain-free use, even over extended periods. The handle incorporates an adjustable locking chuck which will accept any of the six different embossing points. Each embossing point is quickly removeable and has either a different apllication or is a different size of the same style point. Boxed set of handle plus 6 points. 0 Login For Price
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