Mosaic Supplies

Mosaic is an ancient method based of adhering tiles to a surface i.e wall, floor, wooden frame, box, table, etc. by means of an adhesive glue or cement to create an image. The gaps between the tiles are then filled with a "grout" to complete the project. These coloured clay tiles have been specifically designed for school use to avoid damage to hands, from the sharp edges of cut ceramic or glass tiles, yet retain the appearance of genuine mosaic tiles. Clay tiles are easily cut with scissors to the desired shape and adhered to a surface with a PVA glue. The project can then be completed using the acrylic-based grout specifically designed for classroom use.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MOSG450 MOSG450 *MOSAIC ACRYLIC GROUT 450g TUB. 77 Login For Price
MOST01AS MOST01AS SCHOOL MOSAIC TILES 20x20mm TUB 1 Kg. 6 Login For Price
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