Polystyrene & Decofoam

Foam shapes to decorate, paint, colour and transform. Perfect for all craft projects.
The Polystyrene cutter is a compact, hand held, battery operated polyfoam cutter. (2 x 'AA' batteries required) The thin cutter wire which spans the parallel cutter wire supports becomes hot, and cuts (melts) polystyrene cleanly and safely. A handy tool. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BATAA30 BATAA30 ALKALINE AA BATTERIES Pack of 30. Extra long life, mercury free, premium alkaline batteries to suit hand held polystyrene foam cutter. 1 Login For Price
BATAAA30 BATAAA30 ALKALINE AAA BATTERIES Pack of 30. Extra long life, mercury free, premium alkaline batteries to suit smaller electronic devices. 1 Login For Price
SOLSMK SOLSMK DECOFOAM SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL KIT. A great way to teach children about the solar system is by getting them to build their own. This kit comes complete with everything you need to build a replica of our solar system. It includes scale sized decofoam balls of all the planets as well as the Sun - it even comes with rings for Saturn! Wire is included so all planets can be placed correctly around the Sun. Children can paint the planets in whatever colours they choose. A great combination of art and science. 3 Login For Price
STYB100 STYB100 POLYSTYRENE BALL 100mm x 2pc 7 Login For Price
STYB25 STYB25 POLYSTYRENE BALL 25mm-Bag 20 4 Login For Price
STYB35 STYB35 POLYSTYRENE BALL 35mm-Bag 10 2 Login For Price
STYB50 STYB50 POLYSTYRENE BALL 50mm-Bag 8 3 Login For Price
STYB65 STYB65 POLYSTYRENE BALL 65mm-Bag 6 2 Login For Price
STYB75 STYB75 POLYSTYRENE BALL 75mm-Bag 4 2 Login For Price
STYFC STYFC POLYSTYRENE FOAM CUTTER TOOL (Batteries not included). A compact, hand held, battery operated polyfoam cutter requiring 2 'AA' batteries for normal operation The thin cutter wire spanning the parallel cutter wire supports becomes hot and cuts (ie.melts) polystyrene foam cleanly and safely. 2 Login For Price
STYFCW5 STYFCW5 *POLYSTYRENE FOAM CUTTER REPLACEMENT WIRE- Pack of 5 Metres. Replacement ni-chrome resistance wire suitable for hand-held, battery operated polystyrene foam cutters. 52 Login For Price
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