Gilding is the art of decorating the whole or parts of wood, metal, plaster, glass, or other objects with gold or silver in leaf or powder form. This range of gilding products will help you create a beautiful finished product. 

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AM76630 AM76630 AMACO BRUSH n LEAF- GOLD 30ml BOTTLE. Amaco Brush n Leaf has an exclusive formulation where the metallic flakes leaf into a solid shiny metallic finish which covers the surface. Dries quickly to a durable finish which is non-toxic. For interior use only. 30ml bottle on a blister card. 0 Login For Price
GOLS060 GOLS060 IMITATION GILDING METAL SIZING ADHESIVE 60ml. Apply to the piece to be gilded and allow to dry tacky before applying Imitation metal leaf. Depending on drying conditions, it will remain tacky for 1-2 hours, touch dry in about 2 hours and fully dry in 12 hours. Do not apply metal leaf until sizing has dried to a tacky finish. Water-based, non-toxic and acid-free. 10 Login For Price
ICL14025 ICL14025 IMITATION COPPER LEAF 14x14cm BLISTER Pack 25. 11 Login For Price
IGL14025 IGL14025 IMITATION GOLD LEAF 140x140mm Pack 25 sheets. A compound of copper lead & zinc which forms the limitation gold leaf. Adhere the leaf by using the gold sizing. Once the piece is gilded, apply white polish to prevent tarnishing and oxidising. 12 Login For Price
ISL14025 ISL14025 IMITATION SILVER LEAF 14x14cm BLISTER PACK 25. 13 Login For Price
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