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ArtResin is a non-toxic (when used correctly), high gloss, epoxy resin clear coat that has been chemically engineered to provide the most efficient protection against yellowing available today. It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), no fumes and no solvents. It is non-flammable, non-hazardous and conforms to ATSM D4236. No respirator is required when using ArtResin. ArtResin will provide you with a beautiful, thick, solid, hard, clear, glossy topcoat on artwork, photo's, wooden and craft projects, giving them a modern look while protecting them at the same time. It is self-levelling and the 1:1 mixing ratio makes it very user friendly. ArtResin increases the attractiveness and value of whatever it is used on. ArtResin is available in a 2 part kit - an equal amount of resin and hardener.

ArtResin Safety Data Sheet
Butane Gas Safety Data Sheet

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AR16OZ AR16OZ ART RESIN 16 U.S. Ounce (474ml) 2 PART KIT 80 Login For Price
AR1GAL AR1GAL ART RESIN 1 U.S.GALLON (3.7854 Lt.) 2 PART KIT on order - coming soon Login For Price
AR2GAL AR2GAL ART RESIN 2 U.S. GALLON (7.57 Lt.) 2 PART KIT 19 Login For Price
AR32OZ AR32OZ ART RESIN 32 U.S.Ounce (946ml) 2 PART KIT 187 Login For Price
AR8OZ AR8OZ ART RESIN 8 U.S.Ounce (237ml) 2 PART KIT. 258 Login For Price
ARA01 ARA01 ART RESIN NYLON RESIN SPREADER. These high quality nylon plastic notched spreaders are perfect for spreading your ArtResin to an even and consistent thickness. The spreaders feature different sizes notches on 3 of their edges meaning you can spread ArtResin at a range of thicknesses. Each spreader measures 108mm x 108mm and are 2mm thick. The groove/notch depths are 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. 90 Login For Price
ARA02 ARA02 ART RESIN NYLON MIXING STICK. This reusable mixing stick by Art Resin is manufactured from high quality nylon plastic and also designed to aid the initial levelling and spreading of the mixed resin. Should last for years providing it is wiped clean of resin after each use. Measures 27L x 4W x 1cm thick. 63 Login For Price
ARA17813 ARA17813 SCANPAN BUTANE GAS CYLINDER 250ml. A pressurised butane gas cylinder for charging and refilling the handheld butane torch code ARA19088. 12 Login For Price
ARA19088 ARA19088 SCANPAN HANDHELD BUTANE TORCH. This is a valuable tool in removing bubbles from your Art Resin project. Featuring a soft grip handle, variable speed dial and locking switch. Supplied unfilled with butane gas - please refer to product ARA17813 for pressurised gas cylinder. 10 Login For Price
JW090 JW090 SILICONE MOULDS Set of 5 Asst. Five silicone moulds designed for making pendants. Can be baked in the oven at up to 200C, which allows for the use of Polymer Clay. Each mould produces a pendant that is 5mm thick with a 2mm hole. Assortment includes square (25 x 25mm), rectangle (20 x 30mm), circle (25mm diameter), oval (18 x 25mm), and tear drop (19 x 25mm). 11 Login For Price
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