Cretacolor Nero & Graphite Blocks

Cretacolor Graphite Blocks are a rectangular section, 7 x 14 x 72mm solid graphite artists block. Because of their rectangular "block" shape, they can lay down smooth, intense shades, from very fine lines (using the edges) to strokes of 6mm, 13mm and even 72mm wide in one, fast free movement. Ideal for portrait and landscape sketching. The solid graphite stick with no wood casing lasts longer than pencil-style versions and represents excellent value.

Cretacolor Nero Blocks are made from a blend of soot, clay and binding agent, plus "oil". Their stroke is extremely soft and smooth, appealing in its very rich coverage. It is not soluble, although partial wiping is possible in this extra soft (2B) grade. They leave a strong, dense mark. Coarse strokes can be achieved by using a rougher, grainy paper.

Cretacolor Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR40502 CR40502 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x7mm 2B Box of 12. 3 Login For Price
CR40504 CR40504 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x7mm 4B Box of 12 3 Login For Price
CR40506 CR40506 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x7mm 6B Box of 12. 4 Login For Price
CR40602 CR40602 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x14mm 2B Box of 6. 8 Login For Price
CR40604 CR40604 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x14mm 4B Box of 6 20 Login For Price
CR40606 CR40606 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCK 7x14mm 6B Box of 6 on order - coming soon Login For Price
CR40689 CR40689 CRETACOLOR GRAPHITE BLOCKS (28 4B 6B) BLISTER CARD 3. Contains 1 each of 7 x 14mm 6B, 7 x 7mm 4B and 7 x 7mm 2B 8 Login For Price
CR46122 CR46122 CRETACOLOR CHUNKY NERO SOFT Box 3. 6 Login For Price
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