Crayons - Watersoluble Artists

Water-soluble wax crayons that meet the highest creative demand featuring highly pigmented, brilliant,vivd and light resistant colours. Just add water with a brush, or sketch onto wetted paper - even draw dry, then wet for fantastic watercolour effects!
Very smooth blending, rich colours.  Ideal for producing backgrounds, wipe-stenciling and stamping. Suitable for paper, cardboard, canvas, wood and leather as well as glass, mirror or metal. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC014201 MC014201 *MARABU ART CRAYON SETof 4 - BLUE OCEAN. High pigment, water soluble wax crayon with a smooth soft consistency. Set includes one each of the following colours: Plum, Lavender, Gentian and Sky-blue. 1 Login For Price
ST22312 ST22312 STAEDTLER DESIGN WATERCOLOUR CRAYONS SET 12. Watercolour crayons featuring highly opaque, easy to blend colours. The colours dissolves easily once mixed with water and is perfect for creating washes of colour and other special effects such as layering and scratching. Crayon diameter is approximately 8mm and are paper wrapped to keep hands clean. 3 Login For Price
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