Drawing accessories and accessory sets for drawing. The sets include paper stumps, sandpaper blocks, erasing shield, polishing leathers etc.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR43014 CR43014 CRETACOLOR DRAWING ACCESSORIES SET. Contains small and large paper stumps, 3 assorted paper tortillions, sandpaper sharpening block, kneadable eraser, polishing leather and a metal erasing shield. 7 Login For Price
D2300580 D2300580 DERWENT DRAWING SCALE DIVIDER. The perfect accessory for working out scale. It allows you to easily achieve the correct perspective in your drawings and increase or decrease scale as desired. 4 Login For Price
SFS025 SFS025 DRAWING TOOL SET - 9 PIECES. Contains a sandpaper block, a 7.5 x 10cm chamois, one Tortillon each in the diameters 4.75mm (small), 6.35mm (medium) and 8mm (large), 2 blending stumps (4.75mm & 16mm diameters) kneadable eraser and erasing shield. 166 Login For Price
SH8603701 SH8603701 SHINHAN ALUMINIUM PENCIL PENCIL EXTENDER. Slim and lightweight, matt black aluminium body for easy grip when in use - suitable for both round and hexagonal shaped barrel pencils. Dimensions: Internal 7.5mm, external 7.95mm and length 177mm. 37 Login For Price
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