Drawing Pins & Tacks

Great for pinning up artwork 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AA975281 AA975281 DRAWING PINS / THUMB TACKS CHROME - BOX 100. Chrome plated steel thumb tacks with 10mm head. 14 Login For Price
ARTPP30 ARTPP30 ARTWORK PUSH PINS ASSORTED BOX 30. Easier to use than drawing pins with a large round plastic head in bright colours and hardened steel points. Plastic box of 30 in assorted colours. 15 Login For Price
CR43011 CR43011 CRETACOLOR 3 PRONG DRAWING PIN-Box 100. A large size triangular (15x15x15mm) flat head pin, stamped from one piece of steel, which has 3 prongs protruding from the rear which makes fixing of silk to the stretcher frame easier and faster. It lessens the chance of fabric ripping and makes even stretching a lot easier. 9 Login For Price
PI202 PI202 T-PINS - 51mm PACK OF 350. Great for pinning up artwork and minimising damage done by a thumbtacks etc. Approx 350pins in each packet of 227g. 51mm in length. 2 Login For Price
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