Pencil Wraps

Heavy duty, cotton Canvas pencil wraps that hold full-length artists pencils plus provision for accessories such sharpeners and erasers etc - ideal for artists on the move!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR43040 CR43040 CRETACOLOR 48 PENCIL & ACCESSORIES EMPTY WRAP. This attractive grey canvas pencil wrap has the capacity to house 48 full-length artists colouring pencils plus provision for accessories such sharpeners and erasers etc. 83 Login For Price
D2300575 D2300575 DERWENT (EMPTY) CANVAS ARTPACK. A canvas pencil case that holds a selection of pencils and accessories. Features an easy-view pocket that allows quick pencil selection and mesh pocket that holds accessories. The Derwent Art pack measures 115mm x 200mm x 20mm. Ideal for the Artist on the move! 21 Login For Price
D700434 D700434 DERWENT 30 PENCIL CANVAS PENCIL WRAP. Derwent Canvas Pencil Holder Wraps are made of khaki-coloured, heavy duty cotton canvas. This holds up to 30 pencils and there is also a small pouch for accessory items such as erasers and sharpeners. The new, updated design also includes a flap to protect the pencil tips. The pencil wrap is small enough to be carried in a bag, portfolio or backpack. Ideal for artists on the move. 38 Login For Price
SFG058 SFG058 SINOART ARTISTS 36 PENCIL CANVAS WRAP. Will accommodate 36 full length, standard artists pencils plus a sharpener and eraser. 240 Login For Price
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