KUM Erasers

KUM Natural Rubber erasers are manufactured using high quality and safe raw materials, as well as modern production methods, which guarantee perfect erasing results. These erasers are free from PVC, phthalates and other harmful substances. Available in large (45x35x10mm), small (40x27x8mm) and ergonomic styles.

KUM Ultra Cln erasers are super soft erasers that remove graphite and coloured pencil from without smudging, staining or damaging the paper. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard and wood. Ultra Cln erasers are free from latex, PVC and phthalates. Large erasers measure 62x20x13mm and small measure 44x22x13mm.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
K5090211 K5090211 KUM NATURAL RUBBER PENCIL ERASER - SMALL (40x27x8mm). Minimum purchase 40 290 Login For Price
K5090311 K5090311 KUM NATURAL RUBBER ERASER - LARGE (45x35x10mm). Minimum purchase 20 250 Login For Price
K5090511 K5090511 KUM NATURAL RUBBER ERASER - ERGONOMIC. Minimum purchase 36 1439 Login For Price
K5090611 K5090611 KUM ULTRA CLN ERASER - LARGE (62x20x13mm) BLACK. Minimum purchase 20 80 Login For Price
K5090711 K5090711 KUM ULTRA CLN ERASER - SMALL (44x22x13mm) BLACK. Minimum purchase 30. 9 Login For Price
K5090811 K5090811 KUM ULTRA CLN ERASER - LARGE (62x20x13mm) WHITE. Minimum purchase 20 494 Login For Price
K5090911 K5090911 KUM ULTRA CLN ERASER- SMALL (44x22x13mm) WHITE. Minimum purchase 30 578 Login For Price
K5091011 K5091011 *KUM PASTEL COLOURED PENCIL ERASER. Small, pastel coloured, PVC free, plastic, general purpose eraser. Eraser is protected by thin, pastel coloured cardboard band. Eraser measures 44x22x13mm. Minimum purchase 24. 816 Login For Price
K5091111 K5091111 ^KUM KRAFT ERASER. Plastic, PVC free, general purpose eraser. Eraser is protected by thin card band. Eraser measures 44x22x13mm. Minimum purchase 24 656 Login For Price
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