Graphix Aqua Watercolour Pigment Ink

Marabu Graphix Aqua are highly pigmented, water-based watercolour inks. The intense colours are highly lightfast and are ideal for watercolour techniques. All colours in the range can be intermixed and will dry to a natural, transparent finish. Once dried, the ink can be reactivated with water if desired. 

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC1213013 MC1213013 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - ORANGE 3 Login For Price
MC1213032 MC1213032 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - CARMINE 6 Login For Price
MC1213032 MC1213045 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - DARK BROWN 3 Login For Price
MC1213055 MC1213055 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - DARK ULTRAMARINE 11 Login For Price
MC1213061 MC1213061 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - LIME GREEN (RESEDA) 2 Login For Price
MC1213153 MC1213153 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - MINT (GREEN) 9 Login For Price
MC1213220 MC1213220 *MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA INK 15ml - SUNSHINE YELLOW 7 Login For Price
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