Herbin Creations d'Artistes Inks

The new J. Herbin ink range, Créations d'Artistes, honours and celebrates personalities, recognised for their talents by developing a bespoke ink shade that is unique and sublime, reflecting the sensitivity and soul of the artist. Bottles are individually packaged in presentation box.

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HB013209 HB013209 SHOGUN BY KENZO TAKADA. Kenzo Takada was recognised as one of the most famous creators and designers of his generation. His recognisable style combines multicultural inspirations with a distinct Japanese touch. This twilight-coloured ink, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, is coated with fine red and gold glitter. The resulting hue is reminiscent of certain armours from the Shogun era, for which Kenzo Takada held a fine appreciation. 2 Login For Price
HB013240 HB013240 NUDE BY MARC-ANTOINE COULON. Marc-Antoine Coulon is recognised as one of the greatest fashion illustration artists, with collaborations with all the major luxury houses. His style is both glamourous and timeless - the softness of the drawings, the strength of the pencil lines and the precision of the drawings contribute to his unique and unmistakeable style. This ink is pastel pink in colour, which Marc-Antoine Coulon describes as a universal base ink for all different skin types. 7 Login For Price
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