Herbin Prestige Inks

All J. Herbin inks are pH neutral, non-toxic, lightfast and only natural dyes are used in their manufacture. The wax cap and seal are applied by hand. The J. Herbin Prestige Writing inks are best suited for use with fountain pens, rollerball pens, glass pens and nib holders. The ink is made and bottled in Paris and comes in a luxurious 50ml glass bottle, with wax caps and seals that are a tribute to Herbin’s origins as a wax maker. The Herbin logo is engraved on the bottom of the bottle.
1670 Inks
The 1670 range of inks commemorate the year of the creation of the house of Herbin. The deep and intense colours of the collection are illuminated by shimmering flecks of gold for an elegant finish.
1798 Inks
The 1798 range of inks celebrate the year of the original production of Herbin inks. The deeply saturated colours are illuminated by shimmering silver glitter.
350th Anniversary
Completing the range of J. Herbin Prestige Writing Inks is the 350 range. Released to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the establishment of the house of Herbin, this ink is a dark, intense green that is illuminated with both gold and silver glitter for a truly unique shimmering effect.

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HB014000 HB014000 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK BOTTLE GIFT SET 5x10ml ASSORTED. Contains one 10ml bottle each of Rouge Hematite (Scarlet Red), Gris Orage (Stormy Grey), Emeraude de Chivor (Emerald of Chivor), Bleu Ocean (Blue Ocean) and Caroube de Chypre (Carob of Cyprus). 17 Login For Price
HB015009 HB015009 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-GRIS ORAGE (STORMY GREY). The J. Herbin Stormy Grey is a deep coal grey ink that contains flecks of gold, reminiscent of the dark and wild oceans Herbin encountered on his many voyages. The fine gold particles in the ink evoke the reflection of lightning across the water as well as the dark, mysterious depths of the oceans. 11 Login For Price
HB015018 HB015018 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-BLEU OCEAN (OCEAN BLUE). The J. Herbin Bleu Ocean is a deep blue ink infused with flecks of gold, which represent the reflection of lightning across the water during Herbin s many sea voyages. 12 Login For Price
HB015026 HB015026 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-ROUGE HEMATITE (HERMATITE RED). The J. Herbin Scarlet Red is blood red ink Infused with gold sparkles and a green-gold sheen. It evokes the image of its namesake gemstone, Red Hematite, and is reminiscent of the colour of the Herbin sealing wax used in royal courts across Europe. 6 Login For Price
HB015035 HB015035 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-EMERAUDE DE CHIVOR (EMERALD/CHIVOR). The J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor is a dark emerald ink with flecks of gold and a deep red sheen. It was inspired by the emerald Herbin kept in his pocket as a good-luck charm during his voyages and is named after the Chivor Mine in South America, which holds one of the purest emerald deposits in the world. 7 Login For Price
HB015045 HB015045 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-CAROUBE DE CHYPRE (CAROB OF CYPRUS). The J. Herbin Carob of Cyprus is a rich, cocoa brown ink with flecks of gold and a stunning red sheen. The name Cyprus Carob is inspired by the dried carob pods that Herbin was fond of snacking on during long voyages. 14 Login For Price
HB015063 HB015063 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml - FUSCHIA DE MAGELLANThe Jacques Herbin Fuschia ink featuring thousands of sparkling gold shimmers for the pleasure of your writing. This fresh and elegant colour is currently very popular, particularly in decoration 12 Login For Price
HB015076 HB015076 JACQUES HERBIN 1670 PRESTIGE INK 50ml - IMPERIAL VIOLET.The Jacques Herbin Violet Imperial ink is the Pantone colour of the year for 2022 with bluish reflections and a thousand sparkling gold shimmers for the pleasure of your writing. Because of the scarcity of dyes, this colour, a symbol of luxury but also of mystery, was used by the Emperor and his family under the Roman Empire and then by the various royalties. King Louis XIV, under whom Jacques Herbin was founded, used it for his clothes during certain periods of his life. This fresh and elegant colour is currently very popular, particularly in decoration 1 Login For Price
HB015139 HB015139 JACQUES HERBIN 350 PRESTIGE INK 50ml-VERT ATLANTIDE (ATLANTIS GREEN). The Vert Atlantide ink has a dark, intense colour, and is illuminated with both silver and gold glitter for a unique sparkle. Vert Atlantide is a deep and elegant ink, with a silver veil and golden mist. Intended for writing and drawing, it evokes the lush greenery of Atlantis before its immersion into the ocean depth. 14 Login For Price
HB015513 HB015513 JACQUES HERBIN 1798 INK 50ml-KYANITE DU NEPAL (KYANITE OF NEPAL). The J. Herbin Kyanite of Nepal is a rich, tranquil blue ink infused with shimmering silver flecks. The name is inspired by the discovery of Kyanite in Nepal, a stone that is thought to promote positive communication and self-expression, while having a calming and balancing effect. 16 Login For Price
HB015556 HB015556 JACQUES HERBIN 1798 INK 50ml-CORALINE D'EGYPTE (CORNELIAN OF EGYPT). The J. Herbin Cornelian of Egypt is a vivid orange ink infused with shimmering silver flecks. It gets its name from the Cornelian stone, which was prized by the ancient Egyptians as they believed it restored courage, improved concentration, and calmed the senses. 16 Login For Price
HB015579 HB015579 JACQUES HERBIN 1798 INK 50ml-AMETHYSTE DE L'OURAL (AMETHYST OF URALS). The J. Herbin Ural Amethyst is a rich purple ink infused with shimmering silver flecks. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Amethysts from Russia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka were eagerly sought for their calming, meditative and dream-like qualities. 15 Login For Price
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