Aqua Color by Molotow

Molotow's Aqua Colour Brush markers are water-based, colour intense, odourless, transparent ink markers that are versatile and handle easily. The dimensionally stable, elastic brush tip allows for precise, comfortable application. The perfect tool for colouring, hand-lettering and graffiti sketching. The unique “Cap Off” function allows then pens to be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without drying out

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MT200294 MT200294 MOLOTOW AQUA COLOR BRUSH COMPLETE SET OF 36 MARKERS. Contains all 36 pens from colour sets #1, #2 and grey set plus table organiser. 0 Login For Price
MT200490 MT200490 MOLOTOW AQUA COLOR WALLET BRUSH BASIC SET 1. Contains one pen each in primary yellow, orange, vermilion, pink, purple, primary blue, cyan, turquoise, dark green, yellow green, brown and deep black. 14 Login For Price
MT200492 MT200492 MOLOTOW AQUA COLOR WALLET BRUSH BASIC SET 2. Contains one pen each in light orange, apricot, light brown, burgundy, rose pastel, fuchsia pink, violet, light blue, riviera, olive, stone beige and quartz sand. 17 Login For Price
MT200493 MT200493 MOLOTOW AQUA COLOR WALLET BRUSH GREY SET. Contains one pen each in neutral grey 04, neutral grey 03, neutral grey 02, neutral grey 01, cool grey 04, cool grey 03, cool grey 02, cool grey 01, cool grey, warm grey 04, warm grey 02 and warm grey. 9 Login For Price
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