Chameleon Colour Cards

Chameleon Color Cards are designed to take the guesswork out of light placement and make highlights, shading and shadows easier. Printed on high-quality 300gsm card stock, each kit contains 16 individual postcard size Color cards of 8 different designs, together with shading and colouring guides. There are also video tutorials online for each design.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CC0101 CC0101 CHAMELEON COLOR CARDS - NATURE Pack 16 34 Login For Price
CC0102 CC0102 CHAMELEON COLOR CARDS - FLOWERS Pack 16 124 Login For Price
CC0103 CC0103 CHAMELEON COLOR CARDS - ZEN Pack 16 35 Login For Price
CC0104 CC0104 CHAMELEON COLOR CARDS - TATTOO Pack 16 10 Login For Price
CC0105 CC0105 CHAMELEON CARDS- FLORAL PATTERNS Pack 16 0 Login For Price
CC0106 CC0106 CHAMELEON CARDS- MIRROR IMAGES Pack 16 44 Login For Price
CC0107 CC0107 CHAMELEON CARDS- MINI MANDALAS Pack 16 34 Login For Price
CC0108 CC0108 CHAMELEON CARDS-SWEET TREATS Pack 16 96 Login For Price
CC0109 CC0109 CHAMELEON CARDS- MANGA Pack 16 200 Login For Price
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