Crayola Signature Range

Take your artwork to the next level with Signature, Crayola's premier line of markers and pens that will enhance your artwork with sophisticated detail. Flawless blending, shading, and layering are easily accomplished with Signature. Each colour has a velvety lay down without need for excess pressure. 
The Signature Dual Marker contains an ultra fine tip on one end and a versatile brush tip on the other so you can achieve precise details or more sweeping strokes depending on your project. The markers each contain 2 different hues of the same colour.
The Signature Gel Pens are perfect for adding impressive metallic details to your artwork. You can also use them in hand lettering applications such as card making, scrapbooking and everyday writing. The inks will be shiny and visible even on dark paper.
The Signature Blending Markers are perfect for colouring using different techniques. They contain smooth flowing liquid ink which can be blended together to create depth and texture.
The Signature Metallic Outline Markers display 2 colours with one stroke. When applied the ink naturally separates and creates a colourful outlining detail.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
C586501 C586501 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE BRUSH/DETAIL DUAL-TIP MARKER SET OF 16 Colours include Red, Scarlet, Orange, Golden Yellow, Pine Green, Kiwi, Teal, Blue Green, Azure, Blue Bolt, Plum, Purple Mountain, Raspberry, Coral Reef, Parrot Pink, Carnation, Yellow, Star Bright, Jungle Green, Sea Foam Green, Robin's Egg Blue, Turquoise Surf, Blue, Sky Blue, Violet, Flamingo Pink, Primrose, Wild Orchid, Dark Chocolate, Brown, Black and Grey. 1 Login For Price
C586502 C586502 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE ALCOHOL BLENDING MARKER TIN SET OF 16. These markers provide great versatility in colouring, illustrating and completing a variety of art projects. Features 14 vibrant colours including Red, Orange, Yellow, Canary, Green, Sea Green, Blue, Cornflower, Violet, Wisteria, Bubble Gum, Peach, Slate and Black - plus 2 Colourless blenders. 8 Login For Price
C586503 C586503 *CRAYOLA SIGNATURE DETAILING GEL PEN SET OF 20 COLOURS.Contains one Glitter gel pen each in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, violet, gold, silver and black plus one Metallic gel pen each in pink, red, orange, gold, green, sky blue, violet, gray and silver. 1 Login For Price
C586511 C586511 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE SKETCH/DETAIL DUAL-TIP MARKER SET OF 16 Colours include Brick Red, Lobster Red, Tiger Orange, Orange Circuit, Marigold, Yellow, Green, Electric Lime, Jungle Green, Kiwi, Robin's Egg Blue, Turquoise Surf, Blue, Blue Lagoon, Indigo, Battery Charged Blue, Ultra Violet, Purple Mountain, Violet, Wild Orchid, Primrose, Flamingo Pink, Hot Magenta, Hot Pink, Raspberry, Carnation, Coral Reef, Melon, Brown, Golden Beige, Black and Grey. 10 Login For Price
C586701 C586701 *CRAYOLA SIGNATURE METALLIC OUTLINE MARKER TIN SET OF 6These non-toxic markers offer dazzling metallic effects and colourful outlines in a single stroke. Colours included are Red, Hot Magenta, Green, Azure, Blue Violet and Black. Safe & Non-Toxic. Suitable for kids aged 6+ 1 Login For Price
C586702 C586702 *CRAYOLA SIGNATURE LIQUID METAL MARKER TIN SET OF 6. These liquid metallic Paint Markers offer lustrous, shiny metallic effects in a smooth flowing marker. Colours include Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Titanium. Non-Toxic and suitable for ages 8+ 13 Login For Price
C586750 C586750 CRAYOLA SIGNATURE COLOUR & DETAIL MARKER SET OF 50. Create elegant works of art with Crayola Signature Color and Detail markers! This sophisticated Signature Marker Set features 50 assorted colours. Each marker has a conical-shaped nib with a medium point measuring between 1 and 4 mm.The low odour ink is non-toxic and washable. 12 Login For Price
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