Derwent Graphik Line Painters

These unique paint pens contain a water-based pigment paint that is lightfast, opaque and permanent. They feature a 0.5mm Japanese-made steel nib and clear frosted barrel allowing the colour to be easily seen. The paint provides a great depth of colour and can be diluted with water to create layers, dripping and washes as well as fine lines.
Once dry, the colour is permanent. Can be used on watercolour paper, white or coloured paper, canvas and other surfaces.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2302212 D2302212 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #03-TOM. 16 Login For Price
D2302213 D2302213 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #04-HERRING. 21 Login For Price
D2302215 D2302215 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #06-TICKLED. 2 Login For Price
D2302216 D2302216 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #07-RAIN. 9 Login For Price
D2302217 D2302217 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #08-BRILLIANT. 1 Login For Price
D2302219 D2302219 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #10-BILLY. 12 Login For Price
D2302220 D2302220 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #11- PARADISE. 3 Login For Price
D2302221 D2302221 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #12- MINTED. 5 Login For Price
D2302222 D2302222 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #13- ENVY. 4 Login For Price
D2302224 D2302224 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #15- BRICKLANE. 13 Login For Price
D2302226 D2302226 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #17- GRAPHITE. 4 Login For Price
D2302229 D2302229 *DERWENT GRAPHIK LINE PAINTER #20- FOX. 6 Login For Price
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