Marabu Brilliant Painters

Marabu Brilliant Painters are the perfect paint marker for use on rubber, metallic and leather as well as paper and cardboard. Organic solvent based, containing no toluene or xylene. They are weatherproof, light-resistant and fast drying to a brilliant gloss finish. Set contains one Brilliant Painter each in silver and gold.

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC0121080 MC0121080 MARABU BRILLIANT PAINT MARKER GOLD/SILVER SET. Contains one only 1 - 2 mm bullet point metallic Brilliant Painter each in silver and gold. 14 Login For Price
MC0121081 MC0121081 MARABU BRILLIANT METALLIC PAINT MARKERS SET OF 5. Contains one Brilliant Painter each in silver, gold, copper, black and white. 12 Login For Price
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