Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze

Most inks will slide and run off smooth surfaces whereas the unique patented Gelly Roll Glaze ink clings to most non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, paper, cardboard. The unique 3 dimensional and ink dries glossy, bright and iridescent, water resistant and can be used for accents on jewellery, glass, ceramics etc

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
XPGB800 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - CLEAR Box 12 86 Login For Price
XPGB803 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - YELLOW Box 12 108 Login For Price
XPGB805 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - ORANGE Box 12 114 Login For Price
XPGB817 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - SEPIA Box 12 39 Login For Price
XPGB819 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - RED Box 12 60 Login For Price
XPGB820 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - PINK Box 12 37 Login For Price
XPGB821 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - ROSE Box 12 38 Login For Price
XPGB822 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - REAL RED Box 12 61 Login For Price
XPGB824 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - PURPLE Box 12 102 Login For Price
XPGB825 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - TURQUOISE Box 12 57 Login For Price
XPGB829 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - GREEN Box 12 22 Login For Price
XPGB830 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - HUNTER GREEN Box 12 37 Login For Price
XPGB834 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - DEEP GREEN Box 12 76 Login For Price
XPGB836 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - BLUE Box 12 61 Login For Price
XPGB838 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - ROYAL BLUE Box 12 49 Login For Price
XPGB844 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm -GREY Box12. 81 Login For Price
XPGB849 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - BLACK Box 12 1 Login For Price
XPGB850 GELLYROLL GLAZE 0.6mm - WHITE Box 12 9 Login For Price
XPGBGL06C SAKURA GELLYROLL GLAZE CLASSIC SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Glaze pen each of Sepia, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Grey, Pink and White. 27 Login For Price
XPGBGL06D SAKURA GELLYROLL GLAZE DESIGNER SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Glaze pen each of Clear, Red, Deep Green, Turquoise, Orange and Rose. 17 Login For Price
XPGBGL06P SAKURA GELLYROLL GLAZE PEN PRIMARY SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Glaze pen each of Black, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green and Real Red. 8 Login For Price
XPGBGL12 SAKURA GELLYROLL GLAZE PEN SET 12 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one pen of the 12 most popular colours 57 Login For Price
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