Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic

Gelly Roll Metallic's shiny, polished colours write on both light and dark papers as well as glossy and matte surfaces and delivers a reflective sheen that is distinct and adds an energetic zest to any writing, drawing or doodle. 


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
XPGB3CH1 SAKURA GELLY-ROLL METALLIC/WHITE XMAS SET OF 3.This wallet set of 3 Gelly Roll pens contains one each of Metallic Gold, Metalic Silver and White - ideal for Xmas decoration and cardmaking. 261 Login For Price
XPGBM519 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - RED Box 12. 54 Login For Price
XPGBM520 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - PINK Box 12. 54 Login For Price
XPGBM522 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - BURGUNDY Box 12. 21 Login For Price
XPGBM524 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - PURPLE Box 12. 56 Login For Price
XPGBM526 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - EMERALD Box 12. 58 Login For Price
XPGBM529 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - GREEN Box 12. 61 Login For Price
XPGBM536 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - BLUE Box 12. 56 Login For Price
XPGBM549 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - BLACK Box 12. 48 Login For Price
XPGBM551 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - GOLD Box 12. 21 Login For Price
XPGBM553 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - SILVER Box 12. 34 Login For Price
XPGBM554 GELLY ROLL METALLIC 0.4mm - COPPER Box 12. 49 Login For Price
XPGBMT06P SAKURA GELLYROLL METALLIC PRIMARY SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Metallic pen each of Gold, Blue, Emerald, Purple, Black and Copper. 20 Login For Price
XPGBMT06S SAKURA GELLYROLL METALLIC SECONDARY SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Metallic pen each of Red, Burgundy, Green, Blue/Black, Pink and Silver 27 Login For Price
XPGBMT12 SAKURA GELLYROLL METALLIC SET 12 ASSORTED COLOURS Contains one pen each in gold, silver, copper, metallic red, metallic pink, metallic burgundy, metallic purple, metallic emerald, metallic green, metallic blue, metallic blue black and metallic black. 84 Login For Price
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