Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust

 Give your handwriting a special touch that can't be reproduced by digital printers.

The bright colours and shine make Gelly Roll Stardust ideal for applications such as cards, notes, and paper crafts. For the best results, use Gelly Roll Stardust on light-coloured, matte paper surfaces. 0.5mm line width.


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
XPGB703 XPGB703 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - GOLD Box 12 38 Login For Price
XPGB705 XPGB705 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - COPPER Box 12 40 Login For Price
XPGB719 XPGB719 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - RED Box 12 39 Login For Price
XPGB720 XPGB720 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - PINK Box 12 47 Login For Price
XPGB721 XPGB721 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - ROSE Box 12 39 Login For Price
XPGB724 XPGB724 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - PURPLE Box 12 37 Login For Price
XPGB725 XPGB725 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - SKY BLUE Box 12 40 Login For Price
XPGB727 XPGB727 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - LIME Box 12 41 Login For Price
XPGB729 XPGB729 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - GREEN Box 12 43 Login For Price
XPGB736 XPGB736 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - BLUE Box 12 44 Login For Price
XPGB744 XPGB744 *GELLYROLL STARDUST 0.5mm - SILVER Box 12 36 Login For Price
XPGBSD06R XPGBSD06R SAKURA GELLYROLL STARDUST SOLAR SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Stardust pen each of Rose, Sky, Lime, Purple, Gold and Red. 46 Login For Price
XPGBSD06T XPGBSD06T SAKURA GELLYROLL STARDUST SATELLITE SET 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one Gelly Roll Stardust pen each of green, pink, blue, copper, clear and silver. 31 Login For Price
XPGBSD12 XPGBSD12 SAKURA GELLYROLL STARDUST PEN SET 12 ASSORTED COLOURS. Contains one pen each of the Stardust colours including red, purple, green, gold, pink, sky, blue, copper, rose, lime, silver and Glaze clear. 36 Login For Price
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